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A Tale of Addiction - The Next Chapter

A Tale of Addiction - The Next Chapter
By ChestersDaughter on 10/28/2007
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As a day laborer, he has been hired
The banked coals of yearning, once again fired
The crumpled bills secure in his pocket
Will let him board his heroin rocket
He goes to the corner where it is sold
And is quickly welcomed back to the fold
With cold shaking hands he lifts the syringe
Pierces the vessel, and feels himself cringe
His glazed eyes roll back far into his head
His undying hunger, finally fed
He works every day, to get high each night
But his beseiged body gives up its fight
The vessel which he favors to abuse
Becomes infected and begins to ooze
When his arm blackens and begins to reek
Medical attention he has to seek
It's surely gangrene, the doctors proclaim
Only to himself can he pin the blame
That arm will have to be amputated
It's sad these junkies cannot be sated
When he awakes to a bandaged stump
His panicked heart begins wildly to pump
But the panic lasts just a short while
And his lips turn up in a snide smile
Disability checks will be coming
And then to himself, he begins humming
I still have the use of my other arm
A few pops in the leg will do no harm
Such is the sad life of the poor addict Jack
Who eagerly awaits his next hit of smack


© By ChestersDaughter On 10/28/2007 2:16:43 PM
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