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Bleak Sunrises & Fading Sunsets

Bleak Sunrises & Fading Sunsets
By Unmanifested_One on 11/13/2007
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Waiting for her to return to my side,
Watching her figure fade in the dense mist.
Bleak Sunrise leaks through my window, dripping,
Seeping in my skin, tears I can’t resist.

So I am bleeding tears out somber eyes,
Painting my bed sheets a color so red.
Shaking at night not able to find rest,
Sleepless by involuntary bloodshed.

I can still feel the touch of her soft hands,
Like water putting out flames, caressing.
And with her gone, I am an inferno,
The kindle of seclusion, no blessing.

The days of winter are set afire,
Chaos crushes the foundation, love fails.
Confusion swallows, lost in this thick haze,
Faith torn apart by the doubt that unveils.

This distance between her and I, painful,
Like a knife ripping through my flesh, burning.
Separation is the horrid savage,
Restricting me from what I am yearning.

The only thing by my lonesome being,
Is my shadow, naked, raped of all care.
Fading sunset, falling from the dark sky,
Dressed up in the shades of orange despair.

So I am screaming out cries gone unheard,
Filling the cold skies with silent disgust.
Tearing my vocal chords to be noticed,
Breaking like two metal chains dull from rust.

I can still hear her sweet angelic voice,
Like ocean water from the beach, tranquil.
And with her gone, I can hear growing screams,
Cries of doubt fade out peaceful sounds, distill.

The days of summer never to be seen,
Faithlessness erased hope, no trust because.
Loneness prevailed, the sound of just my breath,
Feelings betrayed by the love that withdraws.

The passion between her and I, now lost,
Like lungs with no air, breathing forbidden.
Trepidation is the void from within,
Keeping me from reason, all seems hidden.

© By Unmanifested_One On 11/13/2007 3:54:29 AM
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