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The Innocent's Girl's First Kiss

The Innocent's Girl's First Kiss
By gazingblueeyes on 11/23/2007
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There was once an innocent girl, who was 15 and in her senior year of high school since she started school a year early and skipped a grade. She was a straight A honors student who went to one of the best schools in the town. The school she went to was a private school full of mean girls and guys who were ladies men. She was also a professional contemporary jazz dancer since the age of 14.
She was also very hardworking since everyday after school from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. she would work at a store trying to earn her own money even though she could just get the money from her mother since she was the daughter of a wealthy family. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father was a famous engineer except when she was 13 he died in a car accident. She, her mother, and her older brother, Zac, were very sad when he died. The girl was the most sad since she was very close with her dad even closer to him than she was with her mother. Of course, that is a whole other story though. Anyway as you know she was a girl who was practically perfect since she was wealthy, brilliant when it came to academics, athletic when it came to sports, and was gorgeous since she had long curly brownish-black hair with green eyes and with great facial features, also she was very graceful. Everyone would look at her when she would always walk the street which is no surprise since she was so beautiful and graceful, kind of like her father, but then again everyone said she looked and acted a lot like her father since she also looked a little Greek with the brownish-black hair and green eyes even though both her and her father are Spaniards and they both were fluent in English, Catalan(the native language in Barcelona), and Spanish. She was always so graceful but since she was so tomboyish the same time she never once had a boyfriend or kissed a boy on the lips before. She was always envied by the girls since she was almost so perfect except they still knew about her past being in a street gang for a whole year by beating up guys three times her size and she got a good reputation by those in street gangs since she was thought to be a legend but other than that she was thought to have a bad reputation except she didn't care since she began to change. She always dreamed about kissing and being in love with an amazingly handsome guy, and she got her wish come true one day. It happened the day after her graduation from high school. She was working that night, when she was leaving from work telling the store keeper good-bye, she bumped into this tall boy who seemed to be about the age of 18 and he was. When she bumped into him he grabbed her and took her to some alley. In that alley, he kissed and threatened her by saying I can do worse as long as you listen to me. She was not frightened what so ever since she took on guys worse than this one. She did attempt kicking him, but when she was about to kick him people started to run down the street which made her stop, and she also noticed that near his left eye he had a black dragon. Once no one passed by them again she suddenly realized that his right arm was bleeding. She totally forgot that this man kissed her and threatened her, and she took him to her nice, beautiful home. She took him to her room. There she told him it is a good thing my mom is at Paris, France for the whole month and that my brother is at Orlando, Florida for the whole year. He was wondering why she took him to her house, but never asked. She gave him some clothes and told him to change. When she came back into the room she saw him with only his shirt on. He gave her a towel and told her to calmly to tend to his wound. When she was tending to his wound he was making noise since the antiseptic was stinging, but she told him to be quiet. He started to laugh because he wanted her to be quiet the first time he met her. The man was smiling and the girl was also smiling. He leaned in to kiss her again, but the girl just went aback and shoved him away. He said, “Not even a thank you kiss?” He then seemed to realize that it was her first kiss. So he told her, “I will teach you how to kiss.” She was willing to learn so he just told her to come closer and to lean her head to the side and to open her mouth. Then he did the same and kissed. Apparently, he ended up kissing her so long that he French-kissed her. She was shocked and shoved him away, but was still happy that she actually got to know how it felt to kiss a boy, especially to a handsome, sexy-gorgeous guy. Of course after he kissed her he said that he should be leaving, and he did leave but before he left he gave her another French-kiss and told her that he would never forget her and that she is a great kisser and he hopes to see her again. She of course thought that she would never see him again, but then again she did not see him again but he still gave her something to remember him by and that was a dragon pendent covered with real rubies.

© By gazingblueeyes On 11/23/2007 9:12:01 PM
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