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To My Foes,A Warning!

To My Foes,A Warning!
By shaleenavarma on 12/02/2007
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Only yesterday i understood
What did all that mean...
Your smiles and sweet coated words
And all those soulless deeds...

Were I blind till then,
Or were my senses lost?!
How could I be a dumb
To mug up all u said??

Your smiles hid ugly fangs
Your tongues spat sweet venom
And your hands,those crooked paws
Attempted,to break my bones...

Your feet tread ugly roads
Your eyes searched darkened nooks
You whispered secret ways
And conjured with the ghosts

Joined devil's party,
You screamed for my blood
And I,O what I did?
Haven't I returned you good?

Haven't I loved you so much?
Weren't you kept in my heart?
Haven't I given you my arms,
When you were in need of me most??

Weren't your sighs mine too?
Weren't my joys all thine?
Weren't I holding you tight,
Whene'er the tide was against?

Weren't you lurking behind,
That devilish,richly clad you
Crouching beyond the scene,
Ready to pounce upon me?!

O what should I call you, dark lady,
O how to describe thy devilish kin??
O how will time ever forget
Or forgive your hellish plots?

Wicked plot weaver,you twine
Strands of vice to knit
-And your womanly wiles and tact-
The cruelly softest snare

And you trap the poorest of doves
And bind their wings,- in vain-,
How long you hope this to thrive,
Where will you hide your fangs,

When the final doomsday dawn
Which will surely expose your kin
And all what you have done
Tearing off your skin-deep gown??!

Beware you Lady Mcbeth,
Of the modern greedy world
Your dark deeds are close to your heals
Not far is the moment of your doom.

No perfume in the world
Will sweeten your bloody hands
No fortress,no great walls
Will hide you from His wrath.

You crooked cowards,skilful liars,
Our salve comes from above
And your snares,however strong
Are too weak for His saving hands!

We rise above you in spirit,
In virtue,word and deed
And we pray not to be like you
Pollutants of world of men!

Wait for that morn to dawn
Which lifts up the humble to heights
Which pulls off your polished veils
And crushes, you wretched, deep down!

© By shaleenavarma On 12/2/2007 12:02:42 AM
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