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Promise Me Rain Tonight

Promise Me Rain Tonight
By LostLove223 on 02/03/2008
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Here we are once again staring up to the sky.
Your hand intertwined with mine, not letting go.
You told me directly that you loved me.
I was your life, I was your soul, I was your rain.
I believed in every word you said to this day.

Promise me rain tonight like you did so long ago, the kind that reveals the truth.
Show me that you're not playing me as a fool.
I want you to lock lips with mine, make hot passionate love.
'Cause this is the first time in a long while that I've felt this way.
Haven't felt so complete until you walked into my life.
So promise me rain tonight, promise me the rain.

Side by side we continue to stand, staring up at the sky.
You wrapped your arm around my waist, pulled me in close.
Whispered in my ear that you'll take me to visit the stars.
Closed my eyes and prayed for the fantasy to be real.
Once I opened them, I was flying in the Heavens with you near by.

So promise me the rain tonight, the kind that'll make me remember.
Keep this memory burned deep inside my heart even after I grow old.
I want to pass away happy, with you by my side.
Promise me the rain tonight, promise me your love.

As we continued to soar among the stars.
You grasped my hand once again and flashed me a smile.
Told me we'll be landing soon on a planet full of rain.
The kind that'll make the clothes stick to our skin.
We came to a soft landing, the rain pouring on us.
You pulled me close and whispered in my ear that you wanted me.
I pressed my lips against yours and history was rewritten.

Promise me rain tonight, the way you promised to be gentle.
Take me to my peak, I want to scream out your name.
You were my only love, you were my last love.
Though life might throw us difficulties.
We'll overcome them and prove the world wrong.
Love can shine the brightest amongst the stars.

Though reality and fantasy tend to mix.
What I felt for you was true.
Now here I am looking to the sky.
Wishing that I can relive that day all over again.

Two years later and I'm shedding these tears.
I've grown old, I'm on the brink of death.
You passed away before I could join you.
Lived my life with this loneliness tightly wrapped around my heart.
That I never once found another man just like you.
Now all I have left on my final breath is these last words to you.
"I love you. I'm coming to be with you once again. Once love blossoms it's hard to let go.
So please, wait for me when I reach the stairwell of Heaven. Please wait for me..."

Promise me rain tonight, the kind that heals the soul.
Though I left my body, my spirit races to the Heavens.
Where the stars dance, welcoming me to the sky.
So please be there waiting for me at the top.
Arms spread wide and a smile on your face.
As we once again become one.
Promise me the rain tonight...

Written on: 11/21 - 11/25/07

© By LostLove223 On 2/3/2008 7:12:44 PM
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