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Goodbye <33

Goodbye <33
By speak4myself on 02/07/2008
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She typed that she loved him
And the only reply
That she got from him
Was a simple "Goodbye"
She searched for the words
That would make everything fine
But when she looked at the top of the screen
It said that he'd gone offline
She sat frozen in her chair
And stared blankly at the screen
As tears rolled down her weakened face
She wondered "how could he be so mean?"
She'd opened her heart up to him
But he just hadn't cared
She was now left sad and confused
About the realationship they shared
That was the moment
That she gave up on love
The night that she gave up on everything
And sent herself above
If only she knew
That he had cared
That the reason he said goodbye
Was because he had been scared
If only she knew
That everyday in the hall
His heart leapt when he saw her
And at night,he'd try to call
But he never would go through with it
Because he was afraid
Of love itself,how fast it ended
The consequences it made
That night he worked up the courage
To make the call he'd wanted for so long
But when he called and no one answered
He had a feeling something was wrong
He went down the street to her house
And rang the loud doorbell
When no one came and answered it
He let himself in, feeling unwell
He went right up the stairs
And walked right through her door
His eyes began to fill with tears
When he saw her on the floor
Beside her was a note that said
"Dear anyone that cares,
I killed myself for the one I love
Because my love just isnt shared
Please let him know that I love him
And forever up above ill wait
Until he dies,and comes up here
And maybe we'll have ONE date
But i doubt that, because I love him
And he doesnt love me too
So goodbye world,goodbye life
And goodbye to you
I have no idea who you are
You could be family or a friend
You could be a stranger off the street
But thanks for being there in the end
Thanks for caaring about me
Like i'd hoped HE would
But he never did,he never will
After I did all I could
So goodbye to my love
Ill miss you like hell
Can't wait for the day I see you again
Because you're the one whom with in love i fell"
He put down the note
And picked up the knife
Said "I'll be seeing you soon"
And ended his life.


© By speak4myself On 2/7/2008 5:06:44 PM
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