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(Joe) The one that got away

(Joe) The one that got away
By bookitty on 05/08/2008
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For some reason I can’t let this situation go
I thought maybe I would just pour my heart out in a poem
This is very big for me because I don’t like you seeing me vulnerable baby
Maybe this is what you need to see to restore your faith in me
And your trust
I know I have lost some of it
That’s the change I notice in you
Your heart is of great concern to me
I know you are in a fragile state right now
Being pulled in many directions with no instruction manual
I empathize with you greatly, even though my selfishness gets in the way
I can’t help that I’m human
I can’t help that I need you too
Like I have never needed another
My angel you are my air love
My motivation through each day
Our memories utilized as an emotional bridge for me
To carry me through the tough times
When you are not with me which is too often
In the eye of the storm I meditate on your voice
Your touch
Your lips
How safe I feel in your arms
I imagine all the things I wish you would say to me
One of the ways I use the secret
You taught me this
One of the reasons I love you so much, you push me to be better
My best friend my soul mate, the creator broke the mold
I pray for you everyday, more than my self you know
I dream of you asleep and awake yearning for your presence
Your touch is a filter that purifies my heart
All I want in this world is to love you
To nurture you
Laugh with you
Help you
Wear your last name
Stand in the gap with your children
Maybe have one of our own
It is these needs that cause me to stray
Try to stay on top of my game because I’m scared too
I don’t want to be hurt loving you
Loosing myself in you
Stepping out on a staircase that I can’t see
Dealing with the possibility that it may be a dead end
That I will have wasted so much time
Because you still have your boxing gloves on
I’m already ko’d at your feet
Waiting to be swept away by your love
It’s true I still take applications sometimes
Even though there is no open position
I just don’t know if you want to be a temp or retire with me
And you still refuse to clarify but now I understand why
Then your hearts desires will be reveled
Your guard will no longer be up
But this is something I thought you already knew
I just did not think you really cared
Because your emotions are so in check
And my heart has been open to you
Since May 17th, I have been yours
I new we were going in opposite directions when we met
I just did not think we would be this far
Then I thought that I could change your mind
But now I could see that this is something that’s just gonna take time
Patience has just never been one of my virtues
Always used to getting what I want
Used to being chased and put on a pedestal
Then I met you and realized that there’s something more
Something bigger, a love that I never knew existed
Deeper than anything I have ever known
I love you more than I ever thought I was capable of
Please always remember this
I wish I could describe more eloquently the song in my heart
It cries out to you in a soft soprano
Because spirit is a feast to my soul and I hunger for you
I just want to be filled with you for the rest of my life
You are the man in whose arms I want to breathe my very last breath
Then when I meet the heavenly father, I’ll thank him for sending you to me
For giving me a prince who loves me with all my faults
As I do you, as God loves us
Unconditional love is one I spoke of greatly
But never experienced it until I met you
Each day that you are in my life is a testimony of that
This is getting long and I know you have things to do
Countries to save, cancer to cure
Barns to build and cows to milk
Righteous to lead out of Sodom and Gomorrah
Please just know that someone looks at you as if you were a prophet
She hangs on your every word
She loves you more than she loves herself
She wrote this for you
As you say baby everything happens for a reason
I know the reason you are in my life
I feel such grace to be worthy of you
I hope one day you will feel this way too
I hope even more one day you will be able to tell me about it
On a beach barefoot in Jamaica
While we are holding hands reciting vows
Admiring how far we have come
When your guard is finally down and you realize you can trust me
Even still right now and till eternity I will be yours
It’s just up to you if you will ever decide to claim me……..

© By bookitty On 5/8/2008 3:48:12 PM
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