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My Friends 2

My Friends 2
By Clandestine on 05/10/2008
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This is my second tribute to my friends. I wrote one last year for them too called "My Friends".
Sorry it doesn't rhyme and it's all thrown together.

Wow, it's been a tough year
We've been through so much together
And were there to support one another

I cry for those who are gone
And I laugh at all the memories we have

Tom playing the piano
And finally explaining the difference
Between baby green and senior citizen green

I even am starting to miss the short hair jokes
...and the Southern Baptist jokes

We had alot of memories in the cafeteria
Alot of embarrassing moments for some of us

We might not have been the greatest students
Since we weren't supposed to fast forward our videos

Our class of seven was the loudest I think
We would all start arguing over something stupid
All of sudden, Eliza would yell at us to be quiet

And Cici and her safety pin trend for shirts
That caught on quick

And we at least played trasket-ball one time this year
I still can't even make a five pointer

Everyone would get excited for Sonic too
I guess some things never change though

And Cody, you are the best speller I know!
You're one of the guys that's actually nice
I mean, you even shared you Twix with me

Our volleyball team...well we could have tried harder
We did when that one game though!
And Tom was a good score keeper too

I'll never forget the fashion show either!
Ya'll are the best models ever!

I'll always keep my nickname given to me by Kim
And Dukey...I will never forget her
I don't think anyone can...hehe

And teamwork showed in our class
Whenever most of us had no idea what we were doing
We'd help each other with answers
...we such good role models

I miss you all so much
Those who have already moved and for the seniors graduating too
I'll NEVER forget any of you

You're some of the best friends I could ever ask for
Some I don't deserve
We've always been there for each other

Maybe things didn't turn out as planned for this year
But we have to "press on"
God will always be there and we'll see us through
We've come this far
We can't give up now

There's so much more to say
And I'll keep all of you
In my heart always

I love you all! ~Clandestine

I'm sorry to all I've wronged this year. I'll miss you all; I pray maybe we'll see each other next year. Don't lose hope.

"...for with God all things are possible." ~Mark 10:27

© By Clandestine On 5/10/2008 1:49:20 AM
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