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The Cool Night

The Cool Night
By TheBigPicture on 05/24/2008
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“Grab my paw”
he whispered in the darkness.
Only Edward could protect me,
from the dreadful creatures,
lingering outside
my bedroom door.

A simple flick,
the fear faded.
Returning as my eyes rested
On open door and forgotten bed.
“Mommy, Mommy?”
I uttered just loud enough,
for furry ears to hear.

I tiptoed down the lonely hallway.
Cold, eerie, emptiness washed over my skin.
A different house? Same as yesterday?
Same clock ticking, that mellow tone.
A comfort of familiar time passing

I shivered then,
Remembering my purpose.
“where could she be?”
The hard wood floor creaked,
in soft, slow, shudders of sound.

“have you forgotten already?”
My dear companion asked,
with Furrowed brows of confusion,
a painful look of concern.

Turning the corner I quickened my pace,
hoping to see her dosing,
with a novel in one limp hand.
Only to be greeted by a still room,
basking in orange street light.

Loneliness engulfed me whole.
Tasting my young flesh, warm and smooth.
The world outside my front door,
beckoned me forward. I followed
down the cold concrete steps,
Onto the moist grass,
Wetting and chilling my stiffened back.

I looked above
only to find more blackness,
with no where left to search,
no name to call out,
and sleep no longer an option.
I lay, simply lay in the cool night.
I cried, simply cried in the cool night.
I screamed, simply screamed in the cool night.

Isn’t that what I should of done?
Cried my eyes dry,
Sandpapered raw
My throat cracking--
A mirror of my once clear life--.
From all that helpless screaming.
That never ended.
That does not end.

The tears fell from the sky as my own began.
For the heavens could only bathe their child in sympathy.
No thunderous scream escaped from above,
no objections to my own.

Because even a silly teddy bear knew,
Only a mother could lay her daughter to sleep.
Only a mother could dry her daughters tears.
Only a mother could calm her daughter, whispering sweetly
“everything will be okay darling”
“everything’s okay”

-Amanda Conn

© By TheBigPicture On 5/24/2008 11:27:39 PM
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