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Broken Into Pieces

Broken Into Pieces
By ChestersDaughter on 08/22/2008
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The porcelain doll that once was me has shattered
Each tiny shard honed to precision
Like the knives of a celebrated chef
Embedded in my tortured soul
So withered, yet not quite dead
White hot pain - my personal molten metal
Encompasses every atom of which I am comprised
Leaving no dreams for respite
No place for my head to lie
It's like the rising of the sun
Constant and never ceasing
And with the passage of each moment
Never waning, only increasing
The astute mind I once possessed
Now a mere memory, fading fast
Edges once clearly defined now blurred
A barely discernible apparition
My outstretched arms seek comfort
Blindly reaching for a safe haven
But my desperate fingertips grasp only air
No solace to be found
No one is left to care
Abandoned in perpetual solitary confinement
An unfair sentence for crimes never committed
But every day the sun still rises, as it always will
Illuminating the sky and my desperate fingertips
Seeking purchase still
And the pain, just a slight bit more intense
With each new dawn
Will never cease, but only increase
And the shards that cloak my soul
Will settle in just a bit deeper
And the beautiful mind, which once was mine
Will further blur and become weaker
A never ending nightmare from which I cannot wake
I'll be trapped within this living hell
Until my last breath I take
There is no place for me
The lonely and dejected
No life is ever easy
Our quest for joy is so imperfected


© By ChestersDaughter On 8/22/2008 11:42:56 AM
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