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A Journey Began, Where Will It End?

A Journey Began, Where Will It End?
By Pheonux on 10/16/2008
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A moment of confusion, then great realization
For she stood not fifty feet away
An embrace between, and then glee
As we saw what the other, while gone, had became.

A sigh of great joy, the smile never left
would I be stuck like this forever?
I could care less, the smile would not erase
and my throat, it sang with laughter!

Shaking I was, from nervousness so great
That I thought I was enduring an earthquake
Settled my nerves, when I heard her talk
And her laugh sent shivers down my spine

To the source of academics, did we progress
to find, the founder of the theory of evolution
But to me, he seemed small, and quite squeamish
He needed his nails trimmed, and a bath

Comfort set it, to dinner we went
Where the talk turned to Twister and how to win.
From there we went forth, and debated a bit
Over which drink, first, to intake

With the dispute settled, and our drinks well measured
I proceeded to take mine with disgust
But this feeling did leave, and my mind put at ease
And the stuff in the green bottle I begged

Jolly as Saint Nick, we then went outside
And enjoyed cold pizza, with white cheese
She smoked, I talked, or at least tried
My words came out backwards at times.

Back indoors, before the bell tolled
Her friend opened her gift
And with joy, did she out cry
With the party a hit we then spoke of old times

Days long past, until late at night, when the dreams overtook me
Awake with a fright, did I that night, and close to tears, I became
For the terrors returned, with a new little twist
But comfort was there once again

We spoke some more, of what would become
And how we would live on
And then once again, did we depart
To the land of the Scarlet Knights

Sleep then claimed her
And my old friend we then talked
And decided that things would need to be said
No matter the outcome, I knew it'd be better than not at all

Separate we did, but for long it was not
For she returned with a gift
That sent me overboard
It was far better than any piece o’ treasure

A single kiss, but it was so much more
For in that kiss, I rediscovered my soul
And happy was I, to understand
That felt the same, did she

After the gift, for good did she depart
And left was I, with a full heart
Sleep soundly I did that night
And woke, well rested

Away did I then go, back to the land of The Office
Where nothing is as it seems
But I have that gift, in my mind that she gave
And I cannot wait to see her again.

(There are little hints throughout this poem. The founder of the theory of evolution is Darwin, which she named her Guinea pig. The Scarlet Knights are the mascots for Rutgers University. The Offcie, takes place in Scranton, where I live now)

© By Pheonux On 10/16/2008 4:32:53 PM
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