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What A Man

What A Man
By bookitty on 11/05/2008
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"Barack Obama was elected President baby"

My guy says to wake me up on election night

I had fallen asleep before the announcement was made

Work had me tired and uptight

But as I rub my eyes and read the news

In huge letters across the screen

"Barak Obama elected president"

The most beautiful phrase I have ever seen

I remember how it felt when I was leaving work

Just a few hours before

Walking out of my law firm in Chicago

This mood hits me as I leave out the door

It was this crazy electric feeling

An omnious and anxious mood

As I walked out on LaSalle and Lake St.

I almost didn't know what to do

This day was like no other

I was on the brink of history

Not knowing when but knowing what

Life would be different for me

This is the day we had been waiting for

Kings dream finally fulfulled

We turn the page on racial inequity

My emotions involuntarily thrilled

I stop for a moment to think of my Grandmother

I desperately wish she could be here

This woman who scrubbed floors for her 9 children

Died way before her years

I think of how Rosa Parks sat that day

Defiantly in the front of her bus

I think of the sacrifices that have been made

The promise is fulfilled for us

Because now I don't have to tell my Babygirl

"One day you could be a lawyer"

A President you can be one day

Not letting a low bar destroy her

I close my eyes and say a prayer

Thanking God for this day

Thanking him for letting me see it

Praising him in my own way

I think of Marcus Garvey, Fredrick Douglass and Sourjourner Truth

Their blood laid the foundation for this occasion

Their sweat and dedication got us to this point

This moment is truly amazing

Because now we have this new president

The model of the perfect black man

Like Moses guiding his people through the red sea

Leading Americans to the Promised Land

I'm so thankful for this day

This is for those who died in the struggle

This is for the political prisoners on lockdown

This is why they went through the trouble

I'm so happy to share this with my child

I'm so proud of the human race right now

As tears flow I'm on a cloud

This is an accomplishment for all of us

The dawn of a brand new day

The sun rises on the horizon to me

As Michelle and Barack walk away

As the songs have been sung and the prayer recited

My heart overflows in a way

Because another example that God is real

Was given to us today

Not only has the door been opened

For all black children around the world

We also have an example to show

Our young growing girls

How a strong woman is supposed to be

Holding it down and supporting their man

Supporting him like the neck and shoulders

By his side is where you stand

This beautiful black couple

This family so strong and pure

This man of gentle nature and strong stature

So adamant and mature

I will never forget the joy of this moment

It's more than I can understand

I bless the day that I can finally say

Our President is a beautiful black man.....

© By bookitty On 11/5/2008 6:31:50 PM
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