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By theswimmer90 on 11/10/2008
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It is cold outside, as we sit hand in hand on the bench. The fire, dancing and leaping within its place with all randomness keeps us warm, but just so. We both gaze deep into the mesmerizing movements of the flames and no words escape our lips, but that does not mean we are not talking. Our thoughts run through our minds at a constant rate, occasionally resting and presenting themselves to our conscious being, only to leave and continue their journey through the intricate maze of our minds. As we gaze upon the inferno, our thoughts that are flowing through our mind begin to slow, eventually coming to a complete halt, leaving our mind free. At this moment, the moment of absolute peace, our souls pour out into the blaze, mixing and intertwining with the chaotic dance of the flames until a perfect harmony is reached, leaving our bodies as empty vesicles, spectators to this rare occurrence taking place. Our two souls follow the frenzied movements of the fire, constantly twisting and turning about themselves until they fuse and become one, one entity within the chaotic blaze that surrounds them. This entity then slows and comes to a rest in the middle of the blaze, sitting in perfect balance between the chaos of the world that encompasses it, and the perfect peace and harmony that resides within… As the fire dies down, the two souls fused by the heat and movement of the blast gradually return to our bodies. They separate, taking with them a piece of the other to forever guard and keep until they can again meet in freedom from the body that cages them. They enter our minds, and with them, the stream of thought begins to gradually flow once again through the caverns of our conscious, waking us from the trance that the flames created. As they come to their final resting place within our being, we break our gaze of the now lifeless flame and stare into each other’s eyes, and the flame is rekindled within…

~* Poetry is the soul contained within the ink *~

© By theswimmer90 On 11/10/2008 9:01:00 PM
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