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Dream Bridges

Dream Bridges
By theswimmer90 on 11/17/2008
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The dream begins to fade. The illusion created by the mix of my spirit and soul begins to slowly slip away back into my subconscious, where it will reside, waiting for the next time it can present itself to my minds eye, and my heart. The light begins to fill the room of my mind as my eyelids slowly raise, constantly pushing that dream farther back into the darkness. I am sad. I am disappointed that this dream has faded only to a lingering thread of emotion hanging on ever so gently to my heart, as if to have to chance to present itself to me. As my eyes open and the light pours in, an image presents itself in my brain, there is someone else here with me. But i am not afraid, this person has been here the whole time, i have had my arm wrapped around them all night, in an embrace that lasts well past the break of dawn. I smile as i register that you are still here, still in my bed, still held tight against my skin trying to keep warm. As the smile comes to life, the last lingering thoughts of the dream fall away into the depths of my mind. At this point i realize that these dreams, the ones that held on to the last minute to my consciousness were of you, to serve as a bridge between waking life, and that of dreamland. They were there to ensure that i would never have to spend a minute without you. As i realize this, you begin to stir, and slowly open your eyes. As our eyes meet, you smile and suddenly i am filled with the same warm emotion that was slowly escaping my heart as i began the transition between waking life, and dreamland. At this moment, as we stare into each others eyes, smiling and filling one another with this strange sensation known to many as love, I know that everything will be alright, i know that no matter what you will always be there for me, that no matter what we will always have each other. At this moment, without even having to speak, i know that you feel the same, and that you love me. With this, I know that even though I will not wake up to you tomorrow morning, my heart will always be filled at night, because in our dreams, we will always be together...

If you read this please review it, it would help me out so much to get some opinions on this and any of my other poems. Thank you.

~* Poetry is the soul contained within the ink *~

© By theswimmer90 On 11/17/2008 12:16:33 AM
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