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lyrical lovers (collaboration: blogetry n sable)

lyrical lovers (collaboration: blogetry n sable)
By blogetry on 12/30/2008
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(Sable) In the deepest place I've held for you,
a fascination of sorts,
your style unsettled my nerves
and the things you did with nouns and verbs
made me want to...try you...and see
if everything I have dreamed you to be
imagined you to be....is real.
This simmering, glowing....flame
waiting for your touch;
will you stoke this fire?
Reciprocate my desire?
or will love once again
leave me broken ...

(Blogetry) Fear not my fair maiden,
simmering in the land of the blues
for your fire has met its match,
a lyrical pyromaniac
licensed to spill poesy
onto your loins,
rife with fertility,
ready to spawn
a litter of Spencers and Hughes;
that is...unless my virile muse
thrusts you into the twilight zone,
willing but unable
to ride with me
through the throes of ecstacy
to passion's prurient peak.....

(Sable) The fire has always been spoken
but never shown;
the desire of ages
is but a love that's full blown.
Many a lover have tried
but never delivered;
sparking a singeing inferno
only to dissipate in a quiver.
I'd always give my all
and my all would always be lost.
The playas would show to play the game
but I'd always pay the cost.
Passion isn't always licentious
as some would like to assume,
instead its fire is unquenchable
your whole heart it does consume.

(Blogetry) I sense the latent pulse
of pheromones suppressed too long
throbbing between the lines of your prose,
and I sigh knowingly,
for I too have been down
that well-trodden lane,
paved in chaste
by flames doused hastily
when the brush of sobriety
painted exit signs I couldn’t ignore…
but …this…
this flame...
you rouse in me,
fills my pen with the promise of something more
and I write from left to right,
pressing my tip firmly into your scroll,
rhyming into you,
spilling metaphors into you,
filling your verse with such sapience
that you know
this thespian is for real,
a lyrical lover like no other,
the mate of your poetic soul
sent by Trinity
to thrill the hole in your heart.

Pablo n Sable


© blogetry n sable on 12/30/2008 5:02:22 AM
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