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Love Found Them

Love Found Them
By Nonalicia07 on 01/22/2009
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She met him after it ended with another.

She wasnt looking for love, but some how it found her.

It took her by surprise at first, she didnt want to believe in him.

He was too real, too perfect.

the charming smile, the confidence, the intelligence

nothing she had ever seen before

nothing like the other ones shed been with

the day love found her she wasnt looking for it

shed promised her self she was done with it, and no one would come close

to her true love, whom had betrayed her.

Perhaps she was bitter, longing for the one shed left behind.

But love found her. He took her by the hand.

He gave her his jacket to keep her warm.

She stared into his eyes wondering what it would bring.

Her friends told her he was trouble.

They told her to leave him alone.

But love had found her and she couldnt let it go.

It overcame her, controlled her every action.

There were times when the he hurt her,

cut her deep, and when it seemed the wound would never stop bleeding
suddenly love came to him.
and it spoke to him, it told him that she was the one hed been waiting for.

Shed be the one to stay right by his side no matter what came his way.

He listened he let the love overcome him

To resist her smile would be a sin.

And he loved holding her, and would do anything to make her happy.

He''d give her the world,or at least wat he had to offer was his


He could trust her. Confide in her

He showed her his softer side

every night before she left he tell her she was beautiful as he''d gently brush the hair that had fallen so perfectly on her face. then kiss her on the forehead.

But one day when she hurt him, he left her, but she got him back.

Love .

Shed never trusted anyone the way she trusted him

When she was in trouble she ran to him cried on his shoulder he embraced and

told her how much he loved her, then kissed her and told her hed always been with her.

Hes gone now, she no longer sees his his smile.

She cant look into his eyes

She cant run to him

she has to stand on her own and be strong.


He had to leave, he didnt want to.

He misses holding her, he wants to keep her warm.

longs to feel the warmth of her body next to his.

He can no longer embrace her, he cant see her smile

When it seems like its all fading


Love keeps them together.

Love seperates them from the rest of us.

We are only outsiders looking into their relationship longing




for love to find us.

So that one day, we too will be


Livin Life and Lovin it

© By Nonalicia07 On 1/22/2009 4:13:34 PM
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