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Love Hate Relationship

Love Hate Relationship
By Pheonux on 02/02/2009
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I''ve figured you out, I''ve got you nailed.
You never loved me, and never will.
Or anyone else, for that matter, it seems.
You''re too obsessed, with the two letter word, me.
You lie, you cheat, you slut, you whore.
So now as I see you, outside my door,
don''t expect a hello, nor a goodbye.
I won''t even ask, why you lied.
I''ll ask instead, for the ring and necklace I gave.
Given in love, in hate, taken away.
Just like the time, you stole from me.
All this time, I was too blind to see.
The look in your eyes,
Wasn''t for me, it was for another guy.
Fuck you, fuck him, oh wait, you already did.
Haha, looks like I forgot about that, hope you can swim,
cause you''ll need to learn how, to keep your head up.
Above all the lies, that come out of your mouth.
I wonder what he would say, if I told him of us.
Would he still love you back, or would he leave on the next bus;
the next bus outta town, outta state, outta sight.
See, I will no more, entertain you, with stupid little fights.
Little fights that meant more, than I really could imagine.
So far well, good bye and good riddance.
I spent a year with you, a year of pestilance.
Of disease, of lies, I wish I could take back
All the time I wasted, all the time I gave up.
Delete my number, cause your''s is long gone.
We''ll see each other, like the raven said, nevermore, nevermore.

Sorry to any I offend, but this poem was a must.
I needed to vent, and vent I did.
Please don''t ask, what this was about, but a rather cruel girlfriend.
Leave her be. She''s done the harm
I will move on, and heal in time.

© By Pheonux On 2/2/2009 7:46:35 PM
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