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What is Lonliness.

What is Lonliness.
By JordanBateman on 02/23/2009
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"what is loneliness? Its hard to explain the actual feeling,
i mean it might be easy to explain the physical part of it, the horrible swirling of emotions that takes place inside your stumach,
and the want to cry but your not quite in the right mood to do it, its like no other feelings really, and its certainly one of the many
horrible feelings of the human emotional package that hurts the most.
The worst thing is that its more than just a feeling, the mental side of it is almost like a cycle, and it persists until the cure is found.
You start off with the realisation that your lonely, i mean dont get me wrong you have your friends and family but you want that bit extra,
especially when everybody else around is happy and you the only one who seems to be without that happiness but you cant figure out why,
you think for a while.
after the realisation its the worst part, this is when that feeling in your stumach i was talking about earlier is in its prime.
its the part in which you give up and do nothing but sit there, thinking, repeating to yourself in your head that you are lonely and nobody wants you,
all you want to do is love, and be loved in return. you feel pathetic and useless, and you just want to give up, give up on everything because
you think that there is no point in going on.
then after a while, depending on how strong you are mentally, a little glimmer of happiness seems to uncover in your mind, it comes from the memories and
reminds you that you are worth something in this world and lonliness is only one obstacle of life and that overcoming it will happen and the quicker
it does the quicker you will be on your way to finding that one girl that stands out, the girl you see in your dreams,the girl that is special to you
the girl who''s in the distance among alot of people and getting further and further away, yet,
even though the distance between you is becoming greater and greater, somehow it doesnt
matter because inside you where the lonlines had set its emotions loose,
its replaced with a sweet feeling of beauty and passion only to be described as one thing,
There is no other bond on this earth that binds two people together in the same way as love.
love is happiness,
love is beautiful,
love is all we need,
its the cuddly soft bed you can fall back on when everything else in your life seems to be going horribly, its the one thing you can think of in your head
that continually forces a smile upon your face.
if its not there, its just a long dark bottomless pit of sadness and the unbarable feeling that makes this part of the cycle return to the beggining again;
The cure is hard to find, and its different for everyone,
but its there.
and one day i hope to find it myself.
and rise out of this pit."

© By JordanBateman On 2/23/2009 9:05:05 PM
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