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By Biggus on 03/10/2009
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It was in the early spring
When nature causes sap to rise
Before the dawn in the early hours
When from the shadows she emerged
With an ethereal quality
She moved slowly in the half light
Of the flickering candlelight
Revealing her form in snapshots
Naked but for the flimsiest garb
Something filmy, delicate and sheer,
Which hung from her sylphish form
Like a fine cloak of gossamer
A delicate silken web covered with dew
As she came closer her scent assailed my senses
Initially it cloyed in my throat, sickly sweet
Then intoxicated me like strong wine
Then she stood before me
Wearing the light gauzy fabric
Diaphanous and insubstantial
Which rendered her naked to my eyes
And I gazed into the hypnotic green of hers
The spell was broken by her sweet breath
Which plumed between us in the cold air
In rhythm to the heaving of her chest
Her breasts crowned by her arousal
My eyes moved from the erect sentinels
To the sable triangle below her soft belly
Then returned to be once again entranced
By the sultry green eyes of the seductress
In a silken movement she discarded the flimsy garment
And moved closer, only millimeters away
So close I could feel the beating of her heart
And with every breath she took
Her nipples gently brushed against my skin
Then I felt her hands on my skin
And electricity seemed to move between us
Her touch, soft and delicate on my skin
And as they moved across my body
It felt as though I was being wrapped in silk
Her lips pressed gently against my skin
As she kissed my chest, my neck, my throat
Then up to my cheek and finally my lips
Where she moistly kissed my mouth
Then without warning she became animal and urgent
As she pushed me onto the bed
Her nails dug deep into my flesh
And her mouth pressed hard against mine
Her tongue was darting into my mouth like a piston
Her hands sought me out and found me hard and pulsing
She tugged at my hardness, then enveloped me
Immersing me in her, coating me in warm honey
Her muscles were tight about me
As all at once she was rising and falling on me
Her mouth left mine and her tongue explored my ear
And her sharp teeth chewed at my lobe
Deep rasping breaths turned into loud animal moans
As her exertions became more urgent
Her mouth returned to mine as her passions grew
And when the first orgasm rippled through her
Her kisses turned to bites and she bit my lip
Then she began to lose control and she lost the rhythm
I gripped tight on her hips and imposed my beat
Her moans had turned to wails
And she whipped me with her hair
As she cast her head back and fourth with each stroke
Then that moment arrived
When we both stood upon the edge,
Of that most delicious precipice
Between the bestial coupling, primeval and base
And that joyful release of climax
I exploded inside her with an involuntary grunt
And she let out a banshee wail
All of a sudden I was wide awake
Laying alone, my skin moist with sweat
The bed in total disarray
I was breathing hard and
I imagined I could still smell her scent
And as I moistened my lips
I detected something odd
The metallic taste of blood on my tongue

© By Biggus On 3/10/2009 9:48:23 AM
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