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By Biggus on 03/10/2009
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It was a cold and gray December day
With a biting wind that took your breath away
My errands run I headed towards the pub
Where I took refuge in the saloon bar
I made myself comfortable beside the fire
And prepared to get on the outside of a large brandy
My eyes were drawn to the centre of the room
Where sat a striking strawberry blonde
She was sitting with her legs crossed
A pen in one hand a drink in the other
She was concentrating on something
A crossword clue or perhaps a Sudoku
And her bottom lip pursed slightly downward
Almost like a wilting pink rose petal
Then her eye kind of crinkled up
That combined with a slight inclination of her head
Gave me the impression she was confused
I assumed over what she was studying
Then I noticed a flash of golden light in her hair
As if her strawberry curls had ignited
But a shaft of sunlight had burst through the grey December skies
And I realised the sun had made her squint
This in turn screwed up her nose
Then caused her to sneeze
And she sneezed quite indelicately
Then again and again
This fit of sneezing had an added interest to me
As apart from the obvious effects
The shaft of sunlight had rendered her blouse transparent
And each sneeze caused her breasts to rearrange themselves
Within her non existent blouse
And her sneezing fit had taken on a more sensual quality
But alas all too soon the sneezing stopped
But I’m pleased to say her breathing had not
And I watched with fascination
As with each subsequent breath she took
Her breasts reshaped themselves inside her bra
She was blissfully unaware that her blouse was now translucent
And that each adjustment she made to her straps
Served only to more sharply define her assets
But all good things must come to an end
And thanks to a thoughtless cloud
The sunlight was snuffed out
It had been a most pleasant respite
Studying her most wondrous topography
It’s amazing how the little things in life
Can brighten up the dullest of winter days
It may have been an un-gentlemanly thing to do
Ungallant I suppose not to have averted my gaze
But she only had herself to blame
On a cold and gray December day
She should have been wearing a vest

© By Biggus On 3/10/2009 9:51:22 AM
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