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What's Love?

What's Love?
By Latrina.s on 06/26/2009
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What''s love? i''ve been looking for an answer and thats what i found
love is When your feet get a hold of the ground
when your heart beat REALLY has a sound
just want that person around
to hold''em down
make''em smile even if you looked like a clown
all you really care about is your lover..
no longer under-cover..
your happiness is my favorite thing to discover
your heart.. i recover..
Just wanna share everything.. even my bed cover..in a cold night..
your my inspiration for everything i write..
love is when you dont care whether your lover is;
black or white, wrong or right, rude or even polite
True, love is blind
but thats what the true pleasure is behind
their flaws.. you cant find..
you say you so in-love with their "Mind" .. and soul..
and making''em happy is your number one goal
just like a convict on parole..
you''d never leave their sight
hold''em so tight..
oh it feels so right.. you in their arm... you in theirs ..
Be the first for them to share their prayers..
you dont care what he/she wares..
just as long as they beside you..
their love will always guide you..
and best believe when you hurt they cried you..
in 5 years from now they wanna hubby or bride you..
stick beside you..
now, aint that nice?
and you know if you would turn back the time you''d do it twice
never ask for advice..
you know what you want and you so precise..
you dont want just a slice
you want the whole package..
You know you so entice you just cant have it..
you want your mamma.. your friends.. your boss.. your uncles.. your aunties..
your neighbors.. your house.. your dog.. your sisters.. and your brothers..
only god knows when that list ends
but you want''em to know who that person is..
which is your everything..
She your queen and you the king
just wanna bless her with a ring
you dont really sound good but you wanna sing.. for the love of you life
nothing can cut this string of love.. not even a big ol knife
With them... you really love life..
you love waking up in the morning with''em layin next to you..
and you really love it when they wanna have sex with you..
just wanna flex with you..
deep down in your heart.. you know they willing to break necks for you..
and never be complex with you..
just simple..
no masks, not trying to impress.., no stress..
although nothing is perfect cuz humans sometimes wanna express..
but the beauty of it after we confess we''re still able to caress..
now thats true success..
what''s better than love?
now that''s another mess..
cuz there''s nothing better..
and if you don''t think so..I''ll be waiting for your letter..

© By Latrina.s On 6/26/2009 6:50:40 AM
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