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My keeper

My keeper
By Latrina.s on 06/26/2009
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I always be like; "hold on time i aint ready"
but time nva stays study
see time waits for no maan
and they ask me why am single?
why wouldnt i be w/ some one that would make my heart tingle
and erry time he step into the scen i s-s-s-studer
i know they reconz a real WOMAN when they see one
but the problem is they cant keep one
But you know what im done
imma juss chill and have fun
"Dont give up on us.. Dont do that"
"Aint our fault, fuck that cat"
psh.... same ol chat..
Niggas be shootin game at me like a gat
and when i turn''em down they act a brat
sayin; "you dont know about me.. my game is FAT!
i stack money like the president.. i know you aint nva had that"
You know when you say that makes your game all flat..
cuz i been there.. done this.. done that..
You say you stack like a president.. did you even take a look at my resident??
You think you slick huh...
you think you can make me love sick huh..
But you didnt think i can drop you quick huh?
I aint no gamer boo, im the queen of it
name anything you did.. best believe i''ve done it..
So fall back..
dont waste my time..
You know son im on top of my prime..
You cant call me a dime..
im pass that...
but what would you know about that? you nva had that... haha

Yall need to know i reconiz a real man when i see him..
got a trim
not too big not too slim
he knows his way to the gym
Maybe his name is Tom maybe his name is Tim?

naw im playin.. haha

But yeah.. like i was sayin...

He allways be praying

got his head on straight

always puttin food.. on his moma plate

the kind that wouldn''t eat not after she ate

and when he say''s he''ll be there
best believe he aint nva late

he a real a trigger
and a model figger

nva too scared to speak his mind
and best believe he on his grind
always got a smile on his face
baby''ll be your soulja just take me to your base.. haha
save a grace and after that maybe we can embrass...
in your shoes... i cant find a man that would be a replace
man i must be blind...
cuz u flawless..
You just my kind i cant take this
got me trippin over a kiss
and i just wanna be his miss
MAN!! i think im jelous of his lil sis?

now thats a keeper..

makes *the meaning* AND *the falue* of my time way much deeper
baby go ahead you can be my leader
i''ll follow you thro thick and thick
weither lose or win
you can still count on me
let me love you with in
and im not just your lover
i can be your best friend
that''d allways stick beside you till the en'' (end)
cuz you my keeper
and w/ you my life is way much deeper..

© By Latrina.s On 6/26/2009 6:52:26 AM
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