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For His Lady

For His Lady
By carbar1728 on 01/13/2010
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The knight so gallantly shining
Passions deeply embedded
Yet how his armor has faded
As mixed with shades of silvery reflections
Shows the intermittent
Signs of rust, unpolished surfaces
From its weathered treks
To and from
His kingdom, castles in the air
Those life giving
And passions fueling his convictions
Battles too many, gave into dents
Yet damages only to surface
As protective armor shields, harbors
Within, body of simple flesh
Simple, pure mind thoughts
Yet soaring, echoing,
Visions of convicted passions
Of a unity in thy kingdom
Secured by walls, so erect
So strong
Yet, emptily awaits

Knights, kings, princes
Keepers to safe, secure
With towering walls
Yet shadows there are
Amongst empty shells of armor
For needs and desires
Of his lady in waiting

Queens, princesses, damsels
His lady to be, to unite
For she alone shares his desires
Providing shared strength
Yet she alone fueled
By her convictions, her passions
Keeps the castle walls
On grounded foundations
Centered by her power
Centered to her power
for his lady
he waits
his princess, his queen
he awaits
for as he does, his armor remains
empty, rusting away, dull

Keeping the walls free
Of the stagnant debris
Thru passions, their love
For unity exists
To fill, polish his armor
Which he dons at each daybreak
To keep the world,
so surrounding
so encompassing
so engorging
from invading its poisons
within the castles kingdom
the safe place needed
hungered for
for the purpose to fulfill
a purpose of love
of chivalry, of passion

As like the structures of castles
surrounding, encircling
the knight too awaits
to be full circle within
polishing the finishes
for his lady in waiting
holds the keys
for only she can unlock doors
to his kingdom
to his passions
to his visions
to his heart.

© By carbar1728 On 1/13/2010 11:11:44 PM
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