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Of Heartbeats and Exhales

Of Heartbeats and Exhales
By carbar1728 on 01/14/2010
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As I compare and ponder
My senses, my thoughts
Past that exists
Now which is here
Realization of desires
Of needs, of wants
A dance in my steps
A whistle in my song
My heart escalates with joy
And a grounding in my dreams
A light shines in my fathoms
Of being with you

Not an allusion of you
Or what could be
But what you possess
In your warmth, your love
That I’ve always reflected
Deep in my love for you
The smiles in your face
And wiggles of your nose
Shine to depths in my soul
And my heartbeats in song
As like the wind kisses the leaves
Of new sprung sprouts
And raindrops nourish the earth
Bringing Of your voice in my heart
Passions I hold dear
Of love in our union
Whilst the world surrounding
Echoes its glory with greed
My only quest,
Which upon heartbeats rely
Are exhales of breath
That nourish my own
Emanating from your songs

How I gaze to the pinpoints
Amidst the darkness at dusk
Knowing the bead-drops of light
Are always within grasp
Mirroring the hope and knowing
That each heartbeat I possess
Keeps radiance of warmth
Of joy, of love
Of you in my life
At last,
After all paths and turns
Has my heart, my love
Solely for your grasp

Many words, well-chosen
Yet so many don’t exist
Of what my breaths utter
As I reflect upon you
Not the allusion
Nor the illusion of you
But simply because
What my heart beholds
As I continue my existence
In my future heartbeats
Dwell within you

Meager means of greatness
For the world
Can turn a man cold
Yet passions in my convictions
Simple, gentle touches
Yet convictions in my passions
For no kings treasures
Do I seek or rely
Yet your warmth, how I cherish
As you rest by my side
Each day, each night
We put the world to rest
By its darkness in light
To ward off its influences
In our lovers embrace
Likened to the firefly waltzes
On warm summer evenings
Our flickers of passions
In our union as one
Dance with the pinpoints
Neath the moonlit nights

Comparisons, so many
To mindful tangents, many more
Yet, words,
they have yet to exist
In our world of intelligence
Of heartbeats and exhales
That futures behold
To share, to joy, to live
To love
For in my heart I possess
As in past,
As in now,
and tomorrows to be

© By carbar1728 On 1/14/2010 7:50:24 PM
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