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By theswimmer90 on 01/29/2010
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Where have you been? The joy i feel, the way my heart soars inside my hallow chest during the brief moments of our encounters, the comfortng blanket of thought you drape so delicately over my mind, all gone, all held so dear, all missed. We may only experience the pure bliss of each others company rarely, but this rarity, this seemingly endless gap of time between these moments is what creates such a masterpiece, what molds such a beautiful picture of life around the everlasting fragment of time. While the distance between us delivers unsurpassed emotion during those moments of our encounters, it also creates a somber mood of emptiness, of despair, for while we are apart, my heart hangs low in my chest, perched upon the dwindling emotional high from the past, awaiting the next time it may flutter in excitement when you come around. This despair, this sorrowful period of our life is what creates such a strong bond between us, what composes the beautiful music of our souls that plays without interruption during the glorified, heavenly happenings of our proximity. To be without you, to be away from you, is torture. To be with you, to be able to firmly plant the thoughts that you create deep within my heart, my soul, my mind, this, this is the heavenly plane described for centuries, for when I am near you, when you are in my presence, my body and mind ascend to a higher realm, a realm not contained by the physical limits of our world, a realm with limitless possibilities. For this reason, my heart endures the pain, my mind shelters against the loneliness, and my soul remains steadfast throughout the current of sadness that runs through my veins. To you, and to you alone i dedicate these words, for it is our proximity that has inspired them, the fusing of conscious and unconscious thought that has allowed the words the flow along the stream of consciousness from my mind to my fingers. So i ask, i ask you my poetic mindset, my mood that allows this miraculous event of transcribing the soul to happen, Where have you been?

Please review my poem if you read it, i promise i will return the favor and review one of yours. Thank you :)

~* Poetry is the soul contained within the ink *~

© By theswimmer90 On 1/29/2010 12:57:21 AM
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