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By carbar1728 on 02/04/2010
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I remain silent with warmth
As you lay aside
Eyes closed in calmness
Beholding in my sight
And dreams of you
At last
Close by my side
Windows are drawn
Yet shutters and blinds
Invite the darkness of night
As delicate glimmers of candles
Now dimming on the shelf
Cast smooth shadows of your form
Upon the bed where we rest
A slight smile to your face
Remains in your slumber
As your exhales play rhythms
With those heartbeats of mine

I lay on my side
To gaze at my love beside
Noticing gentle contours
Unfolding neath the covers
Pulling away so slightly
The fresh cotton sheets
For the air is warm
And sweet with the remains
Of now extinguished fragrant flames
Exposing your outlines
Amongst the shadows in our room
Gently you stir
And I move my warmth closer
To you by my side
For my desire at this moment
Is to reflect upon your dream state
Minutes pass by, tho hours I gaze
As the window beside
Now illuminates,
now invites
The rising moon outside
Casting shadows once more
Upon the distant wall

Tho absorbed in your dreams
As your head gently, safely rests
Upon the fluff or our pillows
You inch closer to me
As your face, your lips
Lay across from mine
Iridescent light
So many miles away
Now invites itself in
Casting its spotlights upon you
Rounded delicate shoulders
Those I caress, to ease when tense
Move its lines so gently
Upon soft, supple breasts
Those I embrace
When you lay upon my chest
To the warmth of your belly,
Where I lay my head
When I feel the need to rest

Your hands gently together
Securely support your head at rest
As the moon beyond our blinds
Continues its shimmering
Upon your body full at rest
My eyes,
my heart
my soul
continues my gaze
Upon soft, subtle contours of your hips
Those that only a woman can possess
Yet those that I caress
In never-ending dances
In rainstorms in April
Or in never-ending passions
As our souls, as our hearts
Meet as one

Ever so brightly now
The moon seems to rest upon the sill
And its spotlight
increases in its intensity
Upon your legs
Ever so slightly curled
Legs of firmness, of delicateness
Those that walk with mine
While anchoring your stature,
your heart
Your strength, your intuition
And all things combined
That make you a woman
a lady
a girl

The moonlight outside
Yet sheer radiance fills the room
Mixing itself upon your sleeping form
Which now
intoxicates my visions
As I look deeply upon you
Cherishing you by my side
My eyes, my gaze
Now feel the urge to touch
For the mixture in our room
Of your body
your heart,
Your soul
deep at rest
Now beckons the moon glow
To dance upon you as you sleep
My touch
now emerges
In the gentlest of caress
As my fingertips, my kisses
My heart
My soul
So delicately massage
moonbeams into your skin

© By carbar1728 On 2/4/2010 1:08:03 AM
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