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Inaudible Words

Inaudible Words
By carbar1728 on 02/05/2010
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Letters and syllables
In desperation to form
Longingly sought within
Fathoms of thoughts
Making audible connections
Within an over flowing heart
And educated words
of my mind

Yet how do you reveal
Unto a blind man
From birth
Pictures of nature’s sunsets
Vast hues within
Our limited visions of light
Or sporadic and flashing twinkles
Of distant worlds and suns
Pinpointing their existence
Or liken our simple sights
Of the springtime petals
Rainbows amongst the grasses
Of Aprils first blooms

How do you phrase
In audible mutterings
Unto those deafened
By their own silent voices
To comprehend within their souls
Sounds of raindrops in May
Upon tin and cedar shingles
Or the echo and howls
Of a lone wolf upon his crest
As meadows and fields
Unfolding far below
Whisper the chorus of breezes
As swaying cattails and wheat sprouts
Speak out in unison

How many facets
Of crystal laden caves
Can ever be brought to market
Or how many tricks of the trade
In lands far away
Can the alchemist perform
Turning common grey-matter
Into shimmering symbols for adornment
That can compare to the turnabout
Of my heartbeats
Transformed from those
Of a muscle just to survive
To pumping full of life
Flowing with your warmth
Closing all my crevices
Knowing I am now alive

How many breezes encircle
Carrying my exhales of sighs
Sighs of words unspoken
Of those that never truly grasp
Or how do you capture
The breathes of a million monarchs
In migration round the globe
Searching the nectars
From unfolding petals
Within the sweet airs
Of the blossoming rose

Such is my dilemma
In words and visions
Needing, longing to express
Unto your ears
To behold your eyes
The love in my heart
Longing to be uttered
In tangible ways to express
Only unto you.

© By carbar1728 On 2/5/2010 12:35:53 AM
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