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Untie the Soul Tie

Untie the Soul Tie
By Mr.Lee on 03/04/2010
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There’s a ribbon in the sky for our love.
There’s a ribbon in the sky for our love.
That’s what they say.
Thinking it’s a ribbon in the sky when it is just a lie
Thinking your soul tie made you into a butterfly when ultimately you regressed to a caterpillar because once your legs opened, your wings were cut off
For the nectar in between your thighs was prematurely consumed
Permission to sup before the maturation of your cocoon
And because his hunger perplexed him and seduced him for more
You kept reopening what was once a bolt shut Brinks security locked just for “1” forbidden vault
Into a revolving door, that had much traffic like a Disneyland resort.
And because you loved this goofy cat, you gave him your lap
Not only did you lose your wings but you became a Venus flytrap.
Eating up misguided fruit flies every time they dipped their antennae inside your garden portal
That paradise that made them feel immortal yet too cleave to a soul without paying for the twain
Well, he drove without a license and left his record on your name
And linked himself to all that was meant for when you took your husband’s name
To have a soul tie before marriage
Why didn’t you abstain?
Refraining from embracing until he claimed you his quain
Placing a crown on your finger eradicating every pain
Instead, a path where lust perpetrating love inherits wounds
Your loved sewed death, that poor fetus in your womb
For a zebra shows his stripes and he purchased the gloom
That day at the clinic when your ovaries became a tomb
The revelation of imitation will make you sore
And its that imitating that made your soul a whore
You know who you are, you aren’t meant for that life
But you kept running towards his lustful clutch at night
In spite of all the ure you read
Now internally you emit the strife
Having orgasms deceivingly thinking you saw some light
But you really perceived the blindness of your plight
Fornication is a plummet to the summit of death
And off the peak of that mountain, you are dying in that sweat

Don’t let your soul tie lie for that ribbon in the sky
For that ribbon in the sky will be the reason you die
Don’t let your soul tie lie for that ribbon in the sky
For that ribbon in the sky will be the reason you die

If a man purges himself from these he shall be holy, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use
Yet how can He use you if your erections have you loosed?
Following every desire that Mr. Member makes you feel
But because of Mr. Member, she’s due in November still
But you weren’t ever this way, you remember still
Scholastic, achieving, denying the affection of a woman
Maintaining the reflection of Christian direction
But once you graduated and embarked upon age 18,
The whispers of the tempter paled your complexion
Asking you “boy, what haven’t you tasted the wine of her nectar
Its peace, its joy, it’s the rarest lecture.
It teaches how to make love, and what’s wrong with love because
You know, God Is love, so what could be so wrong with loving her
Giving her the gift of your virginity, I mean, she has your mother’s name,
Gratify your woman, do not be insane.”
So Melody had a song for her little sin called fall into my bosom brother, lay within
And you gave it up in the name of Jesus
Never to realize against Him you laid a treason
Sacrificing your salvation for her salvation
But how can sin save during a bodily fluid tasting?
How can you pray for her and still enjoy the temptation?
And for a lack of knowledge, you were destroyed
Saved, sanctified, and having sex
Her eagle dance floored your soar
Her lust was a fireplace
And you kept giving it wood
The initiation of temptation is a mannerism
Due to that action, over you, the enemy stood
Every thrust and caress nailed you to the ground
You added more nails to the cross, how did that sound?
He died for you once, why do you want Him dead again?
Do you need more blood to wash away your sin?

Don’t let her be the hook where you soul tie hangs
Premarital sex will only leave you deranged
Don’t let her be the hook where you soul tie hangs
Premarital sex will only leave you deranged

I mean look at King David, God’s favorite, even before his reign he was celebrated
But from atop his roof, peering into the night
He saw that diva, Bath-sheba
Availing her goodies for the entice of his sight
Waterfall translucency, the fabric of her raiment
And the sweet kiss of sin became the seed to their lament
Because one sin leads to another, that is why David killed a brother
Her husband Uriah, sent off to die in war, so their adultery would sustain undercover
But how covered are the consequences connected to the transgression
The child she carried was void of the blessing
For God controls every thing and its life never saw progression
For the Lord struck the child and it became very sick
And nothing could impede its destiny, not even David’s repent

Fornicate, repent, fornicate repent, penetrate repent, fornicate repent, drown

Your sin will find you out so please put it down
Sinning and repenting then sinning and repenting then sinning and repenting is not the way to go
It will knock you off your destiny and change your soul
Falling into His image is our only goal
But how can you see Christ with a camouflaged temple
I know he seemed sweet and so divine, a Chrisette Michelle song, so sublime
But just because he’s fine, don’t become his concubine
Wifely duties without wifely status
You have the lines, yes, but he won’t give you that engagement apparatus
He is directing his own sin and discredited you from the start
So stop acting, he won’t give you that part
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but of the mind
So how divine is your mind when sex has you defined?
You know fornication leads to death
It wars against the soul
It steals the blessing of breath
And puts in your spirit potholes
How can God drive in your heart on a bumpy road?
How can you be on fire for Jesus
When the only fruit to find are extinguished coals?
Brother, how can you love her like Christ loved the Church
If the only thing she has to hold is the remnant of your sexual hurt?
Will you be there to heal the wound she has after being rejected by her church?
Will you be void of resentment after the child’s birth?
Too many variables, too many questions
I don’t care what the world is doing, stop emulating their deception

I mean…aye…soul ties lead to soul lies
And soul lies lead to soul’s demise
And a soul’s demise leads to a soul fried
The wages of sin is a fiery death
And you get to the gates and bellow Jesus, what did I do?
And he answers, “It’s not on me bruh, you had the right to choose.
You chose to neglect me but now you expect me
To save you again after salvation is done once I told my disciples the Father would resurrect me in the end
You shouldn’t have tried to be so smooth
Because it is now you I never knew.”

How can you be a living sacrifice when you sacrifice you flesh to the devil at night?
You are Christian, and sex without God’s permission is not love making
It is selfish engaging with fleshy degrading
Animalistic characteristics penetrating and integrating
As you spiral down into the pit where the devil is waiting

Satan’s galleria of diarrhea will make you sick
Do not let him leave your soul remissed

There’s a ribbon in the sky for your love.
There’s a ribbon in the sky for your love.
But I pray your ribbon in the sky remains untied
So you can enjoy the blessings of married life
I pray your ribbon in the sky remains untied
So when you have your husband or wife,
The spirit of your union may actually fly

© By Mr.Lee On 3/4/2010 9:48:30 PM
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