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Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love
By Marui on 03/26/2010
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This poem is actually pretty long. I wrote this years ago, so it''s not perfect. I could try perfecting it right now, but I don''t have the same feeling as I did back then. Forgive me if the rhyming is off and things are awkward, but I must request that you all try to read and enjoy it. I don''t think I have the heart to replace my old feelings, I will keep it as it is.

I sit there watching him
My heart thumps loudly
I walk around his desk''s rim
While the rest of the class is rowdy

I don''t know why
I surely don''t know when
I always try
On his ratings, to score a ten

I want to be near you
Yet I want to stay afar
Everything I want to do
I keep hidden in my jar

The jar that contains
My life long feelings
As my life is what you reign
My heart is what is healing

It''s indescribably warm
I feel as if I''m going to burst
Yet that feeling is what i yearn
That is why I''m cursed

Cursed with this awful wanting
Of having you within my grasps
With each and every taunt
The time has passed

I could have told you long ago
The true thoughts that i had
Now it''s too late
Our relationship has gone bad

We''ve never talked
But i enjoyed seeing you
You had taken a walk
The sky was a clear blue

You sat down on a bench
As you watched the people go by
My heart was in a wrench
I was itching to tell you why

All I did was gaze
And as the time flew by
My heart was in a maze
I wanted to tell you hi

So I jogged through the playground
Hoping to see your face
But then I found
You were having a race

The race was had
With two girls and two boys
I never realized something bad

I had a choice
But I never chose
If only I did
I would have been to you, so close

After the run
Laughing and smiling
Looked so fun
One girl had her cell phone and started dialing

She looked like
She was about to call for ride
You pointed to your bike
That was near me, so I had to hide

I heard a polite, "Thank you".
Then a muffled, "No problem".
You leaned in and kissed her too
For me, that problem was definitely not solved

My mind went blank
After I saw that kiss
You lowered my rate and rank
And then I noticed

We never spoke
So you never saw me
You would probably take me as a joke
We were never meant to be

I remember you to me, never said a word or called
You probably never heard of me at all

I wanted you for so long
I wasted my time
I was wrong
For you were never meant to be mine

My healed heart
Was starting to fall apart

Though I knew I was sad
I couldn''t feel bad

For I know that you gave me
A feeling I longed for
A new sight to see
And opened a new door

It''s thanks to you
That I had that experience
I''ll probably do, though not with you
This again

© By Marui On 3/26/2010 11:26:21 PM
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