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Almost Eden Not Quite Heaven

Almost Eden Not Quite Heaven
By Mikey1174 on 03/28/2010
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Almost Eden Not Quite Heaven
(A mantra, A ballers credo)

Hallucinations under moonlight
I see iceburgs, airplanes and
meloncholy oceans
Were crossing that bridge with
unspoken coercion
Pass that shallow rippled pond
through Pandora''s rose garden
"We scream in cathedrals why
can''t we beautiful?"
God we sometimes feel like Jesus
A slave to our own burning crosses
How many more sacrafices for
hopeless romantics?
Ambiguous in our anonymity
Ecstactic for some autonomy
Somebody once told me through
a lonely window
"Were alot alike but we walk our own paths"
Lost on lifes endless path with a
celestial map
We criss cross into eden and we party
with our demons
Hidden fires behind crystalline irises
A methlenedioxy methytamphetamine fiend
Something so beautiful, meaningful
and metaphysical
A bittersweet beautiful comraderie dream
Somehow a mantra for a ballers credo
We laugh out loud at our doped ass status
from zeros to heros
Our somewhat platonic existance just below
the radar''s scope
Me! Fuck you, your the wierdest of the wierdos
Maybe someday, our home, a heart full of endless shadows
The evening summer breeze teases
I Soldier on with your sword and stones
I ''ll play that flute and protect your unspoken taboos
The body of christ and I''ll sip that wine
A moment sublime like tattoos frozen in time
Your fumblin, trippin face your swollen ankle and a loaded gun
A smile, a glance and a grin, my friend relax that ak47
Wolves growl in the moonlight blinded by the sun light
The sober line of demarcation deciphered through lonely
aspirations and lyrical interpretations
Your wearing cheap lips gloss again between your waste and your knees
One day you''ll meet your goddess Aphrodite and she''ll meet my soulmate at your wedding ceremony
Until then your lost at sea navigating the uncharted
Cursed those god damn ice burgs and frigid waters
Now my thought process is all fucked up nevermind the idiots below me
My ideology my friend will transcend everything thats irrelavant
Someday I ''ll take you up on that offer Mr crystal baller
But another hour gone and daylight comes and we''re jumpers down that ledge
Were back into our lonesome extroverted indiferent existence
I understand your painful reasoning a swollen head to a crowded lonely bed
Im lying next to his misplaced affections my lost identity and indiscretions
So live up to your status quo and let me go my sobering halo
Eros and pill-lows somehow make strange bedfellows

Pen my instrument paper my canvas

© By Mikey1174 On 3/28/2010 10:15:55 AM
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