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The Key

The Key
By HeatherCline7 on 06/15/2010
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For many years, I''ve walked these halls
I can see my pictures still on the walls
I built this house with my bare hands
And in my youth I worked the lands
In these rooms I raised my children
I haven''t seen them in God knows when
They''ve grown up and raised their own
It''s the cycle of life as I''ve been shown
I see my dear wife, I talk to her often
I don''t think she hears, but her face will soften

She talks to me sometimes as if I''m gone
She cries, and I wonder what I did wrong
I try to hug her, or touch her shoulder
She merely shivers as if she got colder
She''s not in good health, and I try to help
It just tends to scare her and make her yell
I pick things up while she''s lying down
But it only confuses her and she wonders how
I tell her daily how much I love her
And even though we''re old, we have much to discover
She seems to be blind, as she looks right through me
I''m locked in this house and she holds the key

Today my son came to pay us a visit
If you can call it that, he didn''t even sit
He brought in a doctor, or I think so
I just had the feeling I wanted him to go
He brought in a wheelchair and turned to my wife
He told her she was nearing the end of her life
This made me angry and I yelled so loud
But they kept quiet as if I had made no sound
She explained I was there, as if I were gone
They shook their heads, and said she was wrong
I didn''t understand, I was as here as they were
But they ignored my presence, and just pitied her
My dear wife cried and begged to stay
They took her away from her home anyway

It''s been three months, and I''m still alone
The lawn is starting to become overgrown
I miss her so much it makes my heart hurt
Nothing of ours is left, not even the dirt
My children came by, one at a time
They took everything that once was mine
They ignored me too, and I don''t know why
They didn''t even seem to hear my cry
I''d call my wife on the telephone
But I don''t have one, and I''m all alone
They took my automobile, the one I built
What''s worse, I don''t think they felt any guilt
I didn''t raise them this way, nor did my wife
But it seems they''ve taken my entire life
I can''t even walk out my front door
It just doesn''t seem to work anymore

It''s six months later, and I''m not very sound
Odd people have been shuffling in and out
So rude, I think, to not say a simple hello
They judge the house I built, and then they go
A young couple came by at the end of last week
And they came back today to sneak another peek
I don''t know why this is, I didn''t invite them
But they were in the company of one of my children
They hugged and they cried as if they''d won a prize
I think that''s when I started to realize...

One week later, there''s a truck outside
They''re moving furniture in and I just hide
I wondered what my wife would think of all this
I could only ball my hands tightly into fists
Upon the wall is a mirror I''d never seen
I could see myself, but they couldn''t see me
Helpless to this fate, I watched in despair
As they tore down my walls without a care
I wondered about my wife more than any possessions
But they never seemed to hear any of my questions
I watched on, as I couldn''t do a thing
I''m locked in this place, and my wife holds the key

I don''t know how long it''s been, I''ve lost track of time
I just know when it''s day and I know when it''s night
Different families have come, and also a different time
My house is now the very opposite of mine
Would she still recognize the place we used to call a home?
I might not ever know, as of now, I''m still alone
I''ve become nonexistent in a completely real world
Life stands still, yet moves forward and onward
My house and my wife are all that I want
But they all think I''m just here to haunt
I still wonder about her, my lovely dear wife
I still remember when she was a part of my life

Today I saw a vision, I thought I must be dreaming
I thought I saw my lovely wife standing right beside me
I realized she looked as young as the day we first had wed
If this was true and all was real, surely we were dead
This I knew long ago, on my account at least
I wondered if my beloved wife knew that she had ceased
Her eyes lit up as if she knew, she warmed me with her smile
I had been so cold inside, it was the first time in a while
I gave her my heart long ago, and she always had the key
Together we went home today, together we were free

© By HeatherCline7 On 6/15/2010 8:28:07 PM
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