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Them F i r s t s

Them F i r s t s
By younggreekz on 08/10/2010
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Let''s turn the clock back,
To two thousand and two
You was the cutest girl I though I ever knew.
When you walked by my heart turned blue,
When I held your hand. It was the first time I flew,
We was just little kids
But I got you that ring,
Wrote you my first song
Had your smile cheesing
And I knew I had your heart pleasing.
But my pen staring bleeding
I stated getting older,
And real love I was needing
And all these other girls. Bullshit they were feeding.

She wanted Houstonlantavegas
I can''t take you thee but any other place you name it,
Where did my childhood go,
I grew up so slow
But the time went by so fast
So fast I cant remember my past
But that first kiss
That first female given bliss
It brong nothing but happiness
I was still in my young zone
But put on strong cologne
Thinking I was grown
Just little kid stuff I should of known
When you broke up with me,,
My little heart was blown

I remember those little days
Ice cream, oreos, and silly ways
But that was a short phase
Got older, now I''m in a maze
I need to find love, Damn I''m in a daze
Sitting up looking up on my midnight crave.
We can take it fast, just like a rave
Or we cam tale it slow, like a beating on a slave
I just want real love either either way

Night after night, day after day
I''m dreaming, dreaming
But this ain''t to phase
I need you baby
To hold my heart, and keep it safe

6th grade,
First date,
Second kiss,
Heart full of bliss,
I found you,
Well I thought I knew,
This just wasn''t true,
Another phase,, now my hearts dark blue.

Passing notes,
In the hall,
Your friends cracking jokes
Cause ima lil nigga
Don''t keep up on the vogues
But I''m respectful and can take it slow,
But when we get there ill rock your boat,
But you let me loose now I''m on
All alone,
In the shawn zone
Spraying on cologne
To smell good for you
So if we lock eyes,
It''s no suprise,
Me and you, love in the sky.
Take my hand so we can fly
No woman no cry
I''ll never say bye,
So put your trust in me,
My hearts a lock,
And you have the key,
To unlock Mr. Unique

Moved on from those little crushes
To the real love blood rushes
Through my veins
Up to my heart,
And like a car I start
And your my driver
My adrenaline supplier
And do the other girls, I''m the denyer
I''m the pilot come be my second hand flyer,
There''s a place for you right in my chest, I only want you, forget the rest

7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
Little bitty crushes, a nigga in heaven
Walking with my big sis to seven eleven.
Telling her about this girl
Who spins my world
And rocks the hair with the pretty curls,
She''s one of them,
Them pretty girls,
In P.E. doing them pretty twirls
At the park, shared our first kiss
Then I moved, and we split

12, 13, 14 and 15,
Getting a lil goatee, stepping on the scene
For the first time I got in between
Shared that company with a woman in the sheets
Them beautiful girls, had my teary skipping beats,
But then the pain came to me,
Lies, cheating, and deceiving
Mrs. Heartbreak I was meeting
I''m no lil man no more, I''m seeing
Maybe id find real love..
If I moved to Sweden
Or maybe its the wrong girls I''m meeting,




© By younggreekz On 8/10/2010 12:10:29 AM
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