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Revelations on a Greyhound Bus

Revelations on a Greyhound Bus
By wickedhart on 11/09/2010
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I sit alone,
staring out the window
as the countryside
passes me by
in a flash and a blur.

I see nothing worth noticing,
not even his eyes that
stare deep into my soul.
I am unfocused and confused
lost and afraid

along this lonely road

heading towards the state
of independence,

passing through the town
of fear and loathing,
heading towards doubt,
taking a detour
through truth and consequences,

which was a real eye opener

to my ulitimate destination
of freedom.

A tear slowly rolls down my cheek,
like a raindrop that I don''t feel.
His fingertip touches my tear,
stops it in its track
he takes it

and licks it away.

I am not shocked, I do not flinch
by his show of intimacy,
I am immune
to everything around me,
except for the signs that say

"you are now leaving"
"you are now entering"

and the gentle touch
from a stranger across the aisle
as his hand slips into mine.
I look over at him
and he smiles

the most heartbreakingly beautiful smile.

Sadness washes over me
as I hold his hand tightly,
as the billboard
along the highway
tells me

don''t worry
be happy

and the sign
in front of
The First Baptist Church
of the big sky and prairie flowers
lets me know

that Jesus loves me and
God will save my soul.

I close my eyes

and try to believe
that I am worthy of love
I try to believe
that I am worth saving,
he squeezes my hand.

I open my eyes
and look over at him.

His eyes, penetrating
they hold me.

He sees a fragile shell;
I am delicate and not so sturdy.
I will crack
but I will not


away from his stare

as he touches my heart,
this stranger
who sits
across the aisle
from me,

who still
holds on to my hand.

I shatter
into a million pieces
in his hands,

he will gently
put me back together

~Thou shalt have an everlasting Monday and stand in the moon~

© By wickedhart On 11/9/2010 1:22:07 AM
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