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On Wings of Destiny

On Wings of Destiny
By Unmanifested_One on 12/14/2010
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It was by chance that brought us together,
Coincidence evolved to fate.
Our emotions were too new to weather,
We fled a paradise so great.

The distance between us grew too immense,
Stretching the faith of my feeling.
I digressed into a pool of silence,
In my doubt I was concealing.

Alone you were, in wait for my return,
Your beckons to me seemed unheard.
Yet my ears deaf of guilt now had to learn,
The price for leaving the uncured.

So I let you, my beautiful raven,
Fly away while I watched you fade.
My sensitivity was now shaven,
Made numb by your cries to me left unpaid.
Held captive by my own choices,
Alone I wallow in this shade.
Drenched in darkness, my regret rejoices,
What a terrible mess I’ve made.

The company of pain I now embrace,
Influenced by a frigid lust.
Slowly my inhibitions did unlace,
My purity decayed to rust.

In your solitude you settled for less,
Filling the void in your torn heart.
Hoping that with time your pain would transgress,
In the end your plan fell apart.

The father of your child proved unfaithful,
How harsh, the taste of betrayal.
Like being cut with a blade very dull,
Leaving the victim cold and frail.

During our separation I had crashed,
Drowned in a pool of addiction.
To forget my misery I got trashed,
Numbing the pain only adds affliction.
My bed has seen many women,
Most served as my flaws depiction.
This lifestyle seemed like a carcinogen,
Aiding in my own restriction.

Near rock bottom, my faith had now faded,
Only the bottle for comfort.
I’ve been in this haze so long I’m jaded,
Myself I can no longer hurt.

As rain brings a dying plant back to life,
You saved me from my own vices.
Erasing all my misery and strife,
Our chance to be one suffices.

Now your skin I am able to caress,
Our lips can once again now kiss.
As we touch my iced heart does deliquesce,
This pleasure I cannot dismiss.

We are no longer hindered by distance,
On wings of destiny we fly.
You have made bright my entire existence,
To think not that long ago it was so dry.
My love for you remains steadfast,
As our bond rises through the sky.
Now as the wind blows strong on our ships mast,
Know that I am always nearby.

© Michael D. Carlton

© By Unmanifested_One On 12/14/2010 11:24:46 PM
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