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By Cervantes on 02/08/2011
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I found your scarlett letter
crushed and drying in a nice light envelope
tucked way down in the past
dieing in a book
by Flannery O''Connor

Wise Blood

Another tender turn
in a life too short
to remember

Rain falling outside
the window
in the cramped space
of utter disregard
for all that is sacred
and sacrificed like a farce

Paint peeling
receding into itself
in a desperate attempt
to maintain the order
it has always known
until it is fifteen years later

Until the wall paper
seperates from the wall
beneath a golden cross

Something told me it was over

Something says
the storm has past
but I still see the lightning

I hear thunder
in the deafening chill

The bright yellow blossoms
have begun to hang their heads
and the garden is all but lost
as the sun begins to find its fire
burning elsewhere
in the mirror

Like reasoning with a psychopath

The gun is drawn
the hand not steady
as the past slips further
away like the storm cloud

But the rain is comforting

Even when my bed has dropped
from two to one

There just was no place for me
in your future

I had no money to offer
but love

And see that
you ran right into money

From love
like it was a rare disease
you catch somewhere
deep in the jungle clinging
to a bright blossom that fooled you
into thinking it was a harmless flower

All ivory is not just the answer
it is the right one
but I could never gut the elephant
just for his tusks
waiting for him to die of natural causes

I guess it is not
the most sensible way
to hunt
but by God
I do still have a conscience

It was the winter

Starting your car
at five in the morning
on those cold February days
clinging to whatever warm body
was beside you

I could not explain something
I had no words for
and you were deadly wrong to ask me to

Close the lid to the casket
on this

Strike the church bell
it is over

We will go our seperate ways

Two different paths
through the trees

Not some grand, wise relationship
we navigated together

No wonderful memory to share

Just some time
we wasted
with each other

Just time spent
and wasted

© By Cervantes On 2/8/2011 11:53:22 AM
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