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We're At It Again

We're At It Again
By Ryolite on 02/10/2011
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We’re at it again,
Tearing at each other’s minds like we knew where we were goin,
Staring through each other as if we saw some sort of truth, something golden.

And we’re at it again,
Pulling at each other’s clothes so fast as if we were about to disappear,
Starving through each hungry bite and penetrating through our fears.

But we’re at it again,
I raised a hand to your familiar skin,
taking my nails and digging in,
dragging out whatever I could, not stopping the moment I knew I should.

Yeah, we’re at it again,
You choke the words out of me,
and I lick the groans from your teeth…
And we’ve sort of forgotten where this was headed but more importantly…
where it began.
So we decide to leave it at that and immerse in the historical plan,
While thrusting my fingers deeply in.

But shit, we’re at it again,
And I can’t decide whether or not I want to throw you onto a busy intersection
or force you into my arms.
And you can’t seem to notice the fire through the passion in your cries,
But I can’t see your empathy through the fist in my eye.

And it’s not surprising that we’re at it again;
But for some reason we’re both equally as shocked,
Threatening warnings of leaving without any second-thought,
While still sticking tongues deep inside,
And yet still confused when we realize…

We’re at it again,
And this time we mean it,
But really, I know it’s the end,
Because I shoved my palm a little too hard in your against your chin,
And my bruises are a bit too visible… but… you don’t mind,
Because your body is pressed hard against mine,

When we’re at it again,
Screaming in fear and anger for the idea of you ever coming nearer,
But this time it’s different, it’s serious, for real,
I love the way your tongue knows where and what to feel…

But we’re at it again because we don’t know how to stop,
The blood on my hand is definitely enough,
And I swear like fuck if I had anything close by, I’d
Fucking thrust you so hard you’d moan from sheer
But you can’t even fathom how much I fear
When it feels so amazing when you’re right here and
I would do anything to tear your eyes from your
But god fucking damnit,
The taste of
And I can’t fucking decide how
When we’re at it
This blissful state
But ending the tyranny would be so ideal and…

Because going at it again just wouldn’t be too nice,
So it’s time for me to go,
It was nice while it lasted and so this is it,
Appropriate for such a drastic movie-like dramatic teenage flick.

And saying farewell is bittersweet,
For, I know we had moments of utter peace,
But I knew this day was bound to come,
So good bye my sugar peach, pear, plum,

I’ll be sure to remember everything that was lovely and nice,
And I bet the bruises will fade with my mind,
Because I tend to pick out the good from the bad,
But I promise never to come knocking at your door ever again,
Though maybe once and awhile…
If you wouldn’t object,
We could go really far just me and you,
I know it’s always divine with just us two,
I love those scratches at your skin,
But more importantly just how deep I can dig in,
And if you don’t mind waiting patiently,
I know I can make you want me,
Because I don’t know if I really want to be free…
The world out there is kind of frightening,
And having you with me is somewhat comforting,
So maybe in a couple of days,
I mean, I think that’s a decent span of time for a break,
I could come by and bring you your favourite flowers,
Maybe a box of only red sours,
I know those are your favourites, baby, I know you so well,
The way you taste, the way you feel, oh your smell,

So if you miss me like I know you do,
And if I happen to miss you too,
Would you be opposed to me coming on by?
A dozen flowers, red sours, just you and I?
I promise I’ll never raise my voice from now on,
And I definitely couldn’t imagine hurting your lovely little arms,
I love you so much, darling, sweetheart, my love;
If you wouldn’t mind letting me back in…
Maybe, just one more time,
We could go at it again?

© By Ryolite On 2/10/2011 2:25:42 AM
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