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Black Parade

Black Parade
By Sincerelycass101 on 03/23/2011
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The most alluring, seductive, woman in my eyes is nothing more than an instrument for me to play.
From my touch beautiful music could usher forth from her lips.
What a melody of notes I could make.
One would assume I was conducting an orchestra.
But that is all.
Nothing more could from such a relation.
I couldn’t open myself, inviting her in.
My trust could not be bestowed upon one such as herself.
Unity between our bodies means nothing to me if there is no unity between our hearts.
Title me what ever you would like but what title do you have for those who lay in my bed by night, and by morning they do not exist to me?
What do you title those who give into my touch, my lust, my entertainment?
They are nothing to me.
At all.
Closely look into my eyes.
Do you see any concern?
What about passion?
Or genuine love?
Do you see my interest in your desires?
Have I concerned myself with your problems?
Simply because you are an instrument for my entertainment.
And I shall make music and nothing more with you.
My heart belongs to one who I shall love infinitely.
When she looks upon me I glow instantly.
Christmas lights do not shine brighter than my eyes.
I can do nothing more than smile, words become unnecessary.
Her presence inspires great emotion inside of me.
I am strengthened by her aura and energy.
The impossible seems possible.
Flying no longer feels foreign, because I float weightlessly on clouds.
Yes, she is my center and all that I care for.
Accomplishment, treasure, fortune, and fame mean nothing without her.
What good is having the world at your feet and remaining loveless.
Now with your intelligent mind think to yourself.
Are you this woman?
Do you believe that you could honestly bring about such emotion in me.
Or am I lifeless with you?
Carrying the same amount of emotion of a corpse?
What do you notice of my eyes when me meet?
Do stars dance inside of them glittering?
And my heart?
Doth its pace increase?
Or does it continue at its normal pace.
Are you just another instrument for my entertainment?

© By Sincerelycass101 On 3/23/2011 6:08:08 PM
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