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And it goes like this....

And it goes like this....
By wickedhart on 06/10/2011
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I mark off the days
with great big X''s,
days that are boxes
on my butterfly calender,

days that slip through my hands
like fine grains of sand
to blow away
with my sigh.

These days, that melt and bleed
one into the other,
a mosaic, a splatter,
that I wipe away with salty tears.

I stand and stare
with great fascination
at the smear left on my fingers,
and the slow realization

that I cannot get those days back.

I mark time
with twisted turns of loneliness
and angry footfalls
on hardwood floors.

Time, that is a shadow upon my face,
a fleeting thought that I just can''t remember,
a memory that breathes shallow,
your ghost of a touch.

I try and capture it with my fierce determination
and my lack of anything else
better to do.
I try to capture it like an image in a photograph,

but time waits not for me.

I spend my days
catching up on my reading,
catching up on my laundry,
catching my breath,

and waiting.

I have learned to wait,
to be patient and still
until my patience wears thin
and my bones ache.

I stare at glimmering hope
and silhouettes that dance
through empty rooms
to fade to nothing.

I wait in possibility,
with folded hands
upon bare knees,
prayers whispered through soft lips

up to a God that I have lost faith in.

I wait in the distance between us,
in the ocean that seperates us,
it pulls me down and
leaves me gasping and choking.

I wait in my longing,
in my intense frustration
of not being with you,
I call out your name

just to shatter the silence.

I wait in my love for you,
it is strong and determined
to get us right,
we will be alright.

I spend my time
sitting naked on my bedroom floor,
losing myself in thoughts
of you sleeping beside me

but we both sleep alone,

and I drink bottles of Guinness
between sobs and worn out sentences
that no one hears
but me,

and I wait for the sun to come up
so that I can close my eyes,
you will tell me you love me
in my dreams.

You love me in my dreams.

Everything that I do,
it all comes down to
X''s marked on calenders,
time that rushes forward,

waiting to become


~Thou shalt have an everlasting Monday and stand in the moon~

© By wickedhart On 6/10/2011 5:32:03 AM
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