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By AusaraMoon on 12/19/2011
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He slipped away last night to visit his love moon.
As he reached his destination she glowed brightly,
letting him know that she was glad to feel his energy.
He laid in the grass and closed his eyes.
He closed his mind to everything that happened in the day
and focused on the things that were to come tonight.
She started from the tip of his toes ending at his head.
He felt so clean, so free,
wanting to stay with her for eternity.
Knowing that they only had a few hours before the sun had to rise,
he quickly rose to his feet and dance with the moon,
he held her so close so tight.
Engulfing her scent in his being
She whispered in his ear
that she would always be near
even if she seemed to disappear.

She gave him a glow that made him high
he felt himself elevating to the sky,
feeling as if he would never die.
He noticed a tear coming from her eye,
and asked why do you cry?
She said that from the moment I saw you,
I knew I had to have you.
And from the moment you released your energy,
I knew you could never be the enemy.
When you first looked into the sky and hummed that sweet melody,
I knew we would always be for eternity.
I am your love moon, and you are my earth love.

There will never come a night you will live in fright
wondering if your soul would be soothe right.
She leaned down to kiss him good night,
and all he could taste was the wine which had him entwined.
His mind digested its taste, never forgetting for those times
they would not be able to embrace.
His intuition told him to express himself
in a way that would allow them to stay connected
for the time had approached to say goodbye.

He opened his mouth and allowed his heart to speak,
and became weak, was fighting sleep.
He had to tell her exactly how he felt,
for he could not wait until the next time he would see her fullness again.

He opened his mouth, and sang to her,and sang to her,
and he sang to her. Over and over again he told her he loved her.
He cried his words, as she became his words. She took in everything he fed her, as he drank from her. Finally they forced their good-bye''s
swearing to one another their love would never die.

As she faded away, he slipped away back to his day, reminiscing on everything that made him want to stay with his Love Moon...

Love 2 Life..

By AusaraMoon On 12/19/2011 4:08:46 PM
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