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By Terryvalence on 11/07/2014
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Okay, maybe this time i'll say something,

At a time when confession should be the best

If not my only option to get out of this.

See this is the thing,

My heart weeps blood

At the sight of your imperfections.

So let me put it bluntly:

My heart is caged behind steel bars

And guarded by mutated mongrels

With a thirst for traitors' blood.

My soul lies deep in the crevices

Of mother earth's womb

And my spirit lays quietly in her core.

My emotions play hide and seek in constellations

While my compassion streaks with meteors

Covering light years is moments weaving

Through intricate galaxies to find a host.

My life is led in fear, for once I forgot

That humans were the very beasts

Reducing nature's elements to extinction ,

So blindly, I offered my body's engine to another

And watched it being trampled by bulldozers,

Ravaged by ravenous predators with raging appetites

Scattered in battlefield to feed scavengers

While the perpetrator of my pain relished in ecstasy

In the arms of another.

Well let's leave those paths uncharted for now

And investigate my raging emotions

Turbulent feelings fighting to surface

In the midst of a bloodbath between

Savage hearts at war with nature.

Let's speak of what resides beneath my ribcage

Surrounded by muscle and sinew

Encased in refurbished platelets

And rejuvenating emotions

That seek only the desecration

Of a feeble heart.

Monotonous words may fail to gain your attention

By these words are wrought of pure devotion

Bordering at the precipice of obsession.

These words are from a ravaged heart

Secured behind a maximum security fortress

Purged of earthly contamination

Yet endangered by the very creatures I desire,

Imprisoned in the refuge of my own creation

I seek to escape yet cannot bare to hold the keys.

I seek freedom yet cannot battle the daemons

Rising from within, fighting to escape the sanctuary

Of their personal hell.

So this is my sacrifice to the earth,

My dedication to the grave,

My supplication to the demons

That surge forth in my heart.

This is an invitation to hell,

Come burn my heart to ashes,

Incinerate all traces of compassion

From within my demagogue heart

And let the essence of destruction resonate

Through the vast layers of my suffering.

Well let me not trail for an eternity,

Though such is my compassion

It holds the will to brave an eternity

In constant exasperation as anticipation

Claims my calamity and turns it to a lethal

Weapon against my very existence.

Let me extend my hand and lay down my ego

So you may concentrate my heart

And purge my soul of the vermin

That seeks to feed off my affection.

Let me hand you the keys to the padlock of my lions

Relate to you the code to the gates of my tongue

And grant you access into the fortress of my heart

So you may hold it close

And give me person to blame

Should it be shattered

To irreparable fragments.

Let me offer you my heart

And should you refuse it

I'll succumb to my pain

And wish for the worst,

Cursing the day you were born

For your existence brings hope

Yet your acceptance raises

Suspicions and insecurities

In a heart aligned from trust

And a body foreign to arithmetic

In romantic processions.

Let me give you these keys,

Without conditional attachments

And conditions to your unrestricted entrance.

Let me grant you the permission

To wreck havoc in my tranquil heart

And rip my heart to shreds should you remain unsatiated.

With my final breath before time fades,

Let me promise you the world

Though all I afford is an atlas.

Let me not promise you the stars

For I wish not to give you space

But to hold you close

And watch you break my heart

So you can be a new addition

To my list of my cherished enemies.

? By Terryvalence On 11/7/2014 4:38:43 AM
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