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Words from the mind of an opened eyed human.

Words from the mind of an opened eyed human.
By Basics on 08/04/2012
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The word blind is commonly defined as : without sight; unable to see. Now what if I was to say, that the statement just made above, was false. Who would think I''m right? Who would think I''m wrong?

Then again, right and wrong isn''t always as it seems. Many people truly trust that in life, it''s black or white, one way or the other, yes or no right or wrong.

We as human beings have created a systematical path for others to follow because of these preconceived notions in the past. Just like the word blind, most people stick with a conventional meaning towards it.

To me, everyone is blind. Not in the sense that we are walking around with canes and eye glasses; no, it''s much more then that. Much worse then that may I say. We as a whole have created a looking glass into our lives that only allows us to see what others have seen before. Similar to blinders on a horse when in races, it can only see ahead, and it will not get distracted by the others, simply because it can not see it surroundings.

The only difference between us and those very same races horses is that, we have the intelligence to be programmed without the blinders. We as a world have been programmed since day one to look at things a certain way, to feel things a certain way and to deal with things a certain way. We our are own worse enemy.

How many of you use the term " think outside the box"? What does it mean to you? Does it mean dressing a certain way. Does it mean acting differently then others do do you will get noticed?
For many people, what I''ve said is just true. For me, thinking outside the box is just another socially broadcasted message delivererd to all of us to make us think we are special, when really the people feeding you these messages are actually putting the box around you.

How many people go threw life working a 9 to 5? Just so is are they can support themselves? How many people that do that everyday are happy? How many of us even understand what happiness is? I may not understand what happiness true,y is, but I think am a lot closer then most. I''ve always lived life fast and hard, when I do something, I do it big, just because that''s the person I am. Living like this for a few years has truly opened my mind to the world that people are in, but not truly living. To go threw life everyday like everyone else does, get a job, a car, a family , and a wife, isn''t living; I see it as floting threw life just like you were told, you may think its right, but like I said; what does that word really mean.

People always challenge everything, it''s in our nature to do. Someone else morals always questions the others, and they bicker back and forth like they think it''s right. Like they know it''s right. Like the understand. But how many of us understand, how many of you understand life? You may think you do, but when you speak to someone else they always have something new to say.

Instead of bickering back and forth like I said, next time just listen, intake the information and question it, notto the person your debating with, too yourself because in the end of the day, it doesn''t matter what the person across the table thinks, so don''t ask them, all that matters is you. That''s also we''re the social stigmatism of worrying about what other people think about you come into play.

By Basics On 8/4/2012 10:39:04 PM
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