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Dawn Breaks

Dawn Breaks
By avac on 10/30/2014
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The fury of fires
lights up the endless night.
Broken glass reflects
the embers from the vanishing flames.
The flashing fires reveal dirty faces,
but shadows hide their eyes
that look mysterious to me.
People surround the perimeter,
the area contained with orange glows
that cough smoke polluting the night's fresh air.
I stare upon the smoke,
it giving me a menacing smile,
taunting me to come through the gates
of fire.

I stay in the quiet alley
away from the chanting chaos.
But even the howling wind can't silence
the crowd shouting with hunger.
Their hunger wanting the flames to spread,
burn, and destroy.
The night is always nosiy and never peaceful.
But, it wasn't always like this.

Let me tell you a story.
The night was once full of stars.
All blinding and brilliant than a thousand diamonds.
I used to watch them come out when the sun
went down, but
that was a long time ago.
The stars no longer shine.
Not even the brightest star.
Now only the raging of fires
ignites the dreading darkness.

People have given into the destruction
of burning commodities.
Stomping on the leftover embers
wishing they would spark
and ignite the boom again.
But, embers only glow
for so long.

My name is Dawn,
leader of a group called the Horizon.
The Horizon is a group
built upon this motto:
"Fly to the horizon, there dawn breaks."

There once was an eternal flame
to light the whole world and beyond.
But, the eternal flame went away,
taking all the stars with it.

We believe there is a place,
in all this destruction and chaos,
where the light is buried
somewhere in the world.
One day it will resurface,
restoring the earth.
However, who knows when it will happen?

I look back at the roaring crowd
who has already drowned with the taunting smoke.
I would be too, but my name
keeps the flame
inside me
burning and raging
to break free
and reach
for the dawning horzion.

I pull my black coat around me to not be seen and
walk away down Ever Dark Street
searching for the Horizon I will meet.

Dawn is my name
for I was born on the Horizon.

? By avac On 10/30/2014 9:09:50 PM
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