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Welcome to Society

Welcome to Society
By BlueMoon277 on 12/19/2014
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All mirrors have been cracked by society
So don't listen when they tell you your not good enough to be seen
No beauty ad or magazine
Will teach you that loving your self is not obscene
Because beauty comes not in a bottle
Or from a pill or a brush
It's in the eye of the beholder
And acting as my own witness
I behold a being of sound mind and sound body
Not a hesterical zombie
But a person with breasts
But a person no less
And Muscles do not make the man
Haven't you ever seen a real hero
Their courage is thicker then skin deep
And It was long ago we decided to stop looking at people through the color of their skin
We are all American with no need to be singled out
And patriotism is not a sin
Unlike the hatred that you hold for your fellow people that you justify with a page in a book you don't even understand
And I will not be silenced by calls of the unchangeable
Practice what you preach
Just take a moment to let that seep
Under and around your heart then fester in your brain
Because the more I strain to see the more I find around me
are people who don't seem to get it
Every word is a pen sliding on paper and half of them are stabbing through skin
Everything matters and it is all drops in already stormy waters.
Why don't others understand that climbing on hurt bodies will not bring you higher to happiness
It's not about others being to sensitive
Once you have been strapped even the tiniest tap burns
stop teaching each other that our problems stem from not being strong enough
Stop telling others that if they keep trying they might, one day reach your standards when all they need it to reach their own
Humanity is a lesson taught not with words, but through actions

? By BlueMoon277 On 12/19/2014 11:20:30 PM
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