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Nobody Home, (3MF competition)

Nobody Home, (3MF competition)
By JdSchooley on 03/13/2013
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Reviews: 4

The assignment; write a story of 600 words or less in the form of a voice mail.

Anthony, I hope you get this...in case you don't I left a note explaining everything. (Wow, that was dumb!) I'm not sure how to tell you... I guess I just have to come right out and say it. I went into the centrifuge tonight, I thought I would go blind from the bright light, but I'm alright, I mean it really works and you are truly a genius! The control is malfunctioning, so I need you to please override every thing from there. Well, sorry but I knew you would just talk me out of it, but I''m fine, no side effects. Man, all your theories were right. So?...I am talking to you from one hundred years ago! Since I am able to hear the voice mail message on my cell, I think your concept of time parallels was right. If you hear me, pick up, or call me back. So exciting...click

Anthony! Okay, it's 2 am, call as soon as you hear this. I know you will because I called my voice mail and changed the message and then called back. God it's cool, call it and listen, it's like I'm talking to myself in the future. I really want to thank you for giving me this, well, this great chance to work in your lab. Don't think I just wanted to take the glory or something, that's all yours. You just consider me your little human Guinea Pig, and well thanks. Got some great pictures on my phone and sent them to my blog...I was looking at them just a bit ago on my cell. Everything is so astonishing, did you know the courthouse had his and hers outhouses? Jeez they did use Sears in there, I wonder if I shouldn't have left a loaf from the future? Well...call....click

Anthony, Hey it's getting light and I think people will be getting up soon. I really don't want to make contact with. ..you know, just in case....isn't that right? Call me as soon as you get to the lab and reverse the dynamo. I wonder if I can bring anything back without messing with the time continuum? Just a letter from the trash or something...hey, call, it's so incredible, I want to talk to someone and see what they're like...bye....click

Anthony, it's 6 am, I just called the New York Times, crazy you know... just so I could hear them pickup. Well it just rang, so I guess they must not man that line...right...So it's light here now...There isn't any movement yet. Very lovely..and quiet. Well we will have to go over all this, I have like 100 pictures on my phone. Call...call soon...click

Okay Anthony, this is so weird. Everything is like a museum. I can't find anyone anywhere. What's strange is that there had to be people here not long ago. Lamps are burning in the homes, it's like they all went somewhere. Well I probably shouldn't have entered peoples homes here, I don't think ...man! It's too crazy... I didn't think it will hurt... In case anything goes wrong, well...you know....if you can't bring me back? That's so lame, to hear me say...just don't come here! I can't exactly say why because we didn't figure on this one...but I sorta think there isn't anyone here. I looked all over and there's nobody, it's uninhabited. I mean it makes sense when you think about it, right?...click

Anthony....I called everyone, I can't get a pickup. Anthony, I think I screwed up...
a continuation of this story follows on this page.
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