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Stuff and Unstuff 2 Part 1

Stuff and Unstuff 2 Part 1
By deadmanseeking on 08/09/2016
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Robert answered his phone. Jon asked what he was up to and Robert responded with a thumbnail of how he unstuffed his stuff by a meditation walk. Jon laughed and asked if he wanted to meet at Toad`s. Robert thought that would be cool. So they did.
Some odd things. While they both still like`d Toad`s espresso, well, more like loved, they ordered his Bromley`s Temple of Heaven Green Tea. Jon started a tale of his latest adventure.
Paul interrupted, "Tada!" He grabbed a cloth covering something to reveal a player piano circa 1965. Well, for a coffee shop that was something completely different. He plopped on the bench and everything came to a stop. He started pumping away. Everyone oohed and aahed. He scampered back to being the perfect host to a polite but felt standing ovation.
Jon returned to his tale saying, "Well, I was taking one of my early sunrise walks by the river..." Robert like to hear these stories.
It seems it was foggy several mornings before, which gave the river an ethereal, other worldly quality. Jon was caught up in the surroundings and at a steady canter. The barn swallows that now lived under the bridge were starting their early morning bug patrol, sometimes swooping near Jon`s head. Those birds very visible at the corners of Jon`s eyes, which would switch from side to side causing a soothing sensation. The birds began to soar further from him when a loon came gliding down the river like some prehistoric reptile bird as Jon entered the wooded area. He slowed his pace. About twenty yards ahead of him was a doe and two fawns. They checked him out as they ambled on to the river.
The river was in the middle of town that was split north and south because of it. Beyond the river and wooded area were homes. Yet, these birds and other animals were thriving in the middle of town.
He came to an area of openness between the banks of the Little Sioux River. It was within the eyesight of the confluence of the Little Sioux and the Ocheyedan. He headed south, away from where the rivers met. He was on private land that was mowed for public access. It led to a one third acre wildflower garden that had a path mowed through the middle of it. They were prairie plants that competed with tall grasses so they grew to over thirty-six inches
tall, which was close to Jon`s eye level. Whenever Jon turned his head he got the effect of flowers at two hundred seventy degrees extending to near three hundred sixty degrees. It gave him a real IMAX sensation. Having the flowers flooding his vision was ultra focusing and removed a good share of white noise from his brain. When he came to the more private part of their yard he turned and retraced his steps with a foot bridge over the Ocheyedan and the Little Sioux in the foreground.
As he crossed the foot bridge, he glanced at the Y the two rivers made and became very grateful. By rights, he should be dead. By rights, his brain shouldn`t have healed so much. By rights, he shouldn`t be able to walk very far. His toxin sensitive body shouldn`t have survived his once toxic diet, which he had for the longest time. He once shoveled garbage and sewage down his throat with impunity. Somehow, just in the nick of time, he managed to lay the shovel down by the grave he was digging. He didn`t do it by himself. The great invisible creative necessity and spiritual folk helped. Just in time. Before he swallowed one drink too many. Before he swallowed one shovel full too many. Before he fell into the grave he dug himself.
As his mind drifted from the trail, he thought of all those that couldn`t or wouldn`t drop their shovels, that couldn`t accept the invisible necessity and the human help that would let them drop their implements of self destruction. His throat started to tighten and salt water almost fell from his eyes. It was a
good thing Robert knew what to expect and Paul could stay busy with his piano and other customers. Toad and Bob were too kind and too lenient when Jon was in deep story mode. Jon didn`t even notice.
Jon`s mind went back through the years looking for the event horizon as he walked the path, barely aware of the lush wildlife around him. He hardly saw the two, not one, goldfinches that flew close. He wasn`t what he`d call unstuffed.

? By deadmanseeking On 8/9/2016 6:46:44 PM
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