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Stuff and Unstuff 2 Part 2

Stuff and Unstuff 2 Part 2
By deadmanseeking on 08/24/2016
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(The Littlest Black Belt can be found, along with 2 Preludes, at deadmanseeking cafe here in moontowncafe.com. 4 something very cool and different find The Obbligato Chapters 1 through 32 scattered all over jdshooley cafe here in moontowncafe.com.)
The event horizon of Jon`s particular journey today had been the death of a young boy. Cancer had killed him. He had been 7. Jon had dealt with other deaths, but this one had struck hard. The possible cure was painful and with an unsure outcome. The outcome, for this boy, was no cure at this time on this planet. At 7. How truly unfair is our time on this sphere.
The child had wanted to give himself every chance he could. He had Jon teach him the first seven moves of Jon`s martial art discipline`s first form. The boy had lined up the surgical team before each bone marrow transplant and ran them through those first seven moves so everyone would be that much stronger and unified for each surgery. The answer was still no. Not at this time. Not on this plane. Not on this planet.
Years later, during the time of the walk Jon had been recounting to Robert and Paul at Toad`s that day, Jon saw something. It was the image Jesus weeping in the garden, weeping not for the pain he would endure but for the pain we all take on because we don`t trust God, the invisible necessity. The image seemed to be in the clouds. Perhaps it came from a flood of dopeamine or the activation of the vagus nerve. He walked out of the woods and onto the prairie. It was time to go back to the car.
The movie in the sky and his head continued during the walk back. It changed to images of the boy`s family, of the boy`s mother, father, and two step sisters. It changed to images of the eventual destruction of the family unit the pain the boy`s death caused. It played what Jon knew of their lives with further additions he hadn`t been privileged to. The dopeamine and/or vagus nerve movie showed him Jesus cried because of our reaction to things like the boy in heaven`s pain. This was becoming a powerful walk with a powerful unstuffing. Maybe Jon needed to get some fruit in himself. His blood sugar level was probably getting too low.
The boy was in a ghee, a martial art formal workout uniform. He was sitting on the patio of a villa looking through a portal on a table. He saw Jon seeing the boys family. He was crying. The boy`s current instructors and Jesus were with him seeing the same images. They were crying, too.
Robert was listening uncomfortably. Paul was noticeably busier with other customers and his new to him used player piano. All this Jesus talk in public was odd, especially from Jon.
What he was getting to was how these images sustain him when his feelings get painful and messy. He was at a time when he needed an image of Jesus crying. He`s seen one when the boy died.
It was followed by an image of the party heaven threw when the boy crossed over and was welcomed into heaven with many rainbows, hawks, falcons, young angels, balloons, video games of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and cakes.
God and Jesus know our pain very well. They also know what`s coming after we die. That`s what Jon thought and still thinks. He told the story to give Robert and Paul strength. Jon has had some pretty strong natural dopeamine/vagus nerve moments over the years. He then read one of the Littlest Black Belt Preludes, The Littlest Black Belt, and The Littlest Black Belt Revisited. Robert and Paul thought they were pretty good. Jon felt very unstuffed. He`d shared a bunch of stuff.. Paul went back to unstuffing himself with his piano and customers. Robert felt a little unstuffed from listening to Jon. Inspite of all the slings and arrows, life was pretty round and fat and whole.

? By deadmanseeking On 8/24/2016 8:33:33 AM
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