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Stuff and Unstuff 3 Part 2

Stuff and Unstuff 3 Part 2
By deadmanseeking on 09/26/2016
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After Ben got out of the wagon, he wanted to show off. He wanted Grampy and Angel to know what a big boy he was. Ben wanted to pull the wagon. Robert was able to keep him herded to the side of the road. They stopped to watch another stately old elm being carefully and expertly taken down, a good lesson in teamwork and safety.
They were near the playground. They parked the wagon by the bike rack with scout Angel`s bike. Robert grabbed the juice and raisins as the kids tumble bumbled down the hill to the playground. They developed a new game.
Angel hid in a covered slide and yelled, "Help me! Help me!"
Grampy said, "Ben, where`s Angel? Find her and help her!"
Ben started laughing and running around the playground shouting, "Angel! Angel!
Grampy said, "Climb the stairs! Climb the stairs!"
So it went until Ben helped push Angel down the slide, everyone laughing. It was a great game that was played through several more rounds, with stops for juice and raisins before it was time to go home.
New problems arose on the way home. Ben was getting too careless with where he was walking, so Grampy had to take the wagon pulling freedom away. The stubborn near three year old wasn`t having that, so a crying sit down strike was called for. Grampy tried gently carrying the boy over his shoulder and pulling the wagon. That wasn`t an answer. A solution was scout Angel riding her bike home and running back to Grampy and Ben. She took the wagon home, which let Robert cradle his grandson against his chest while he carried him home. Both were unstuffing.
At home, Ben`s fit ended when Grampy gently laid him on the ground while telling him how much he was loved. Ben`s life was great again. No problems getting upstairs. No problems having fun getting sprayed in the shower. No problems getting rediapered and into bed. Robert covered him with his favorite short blanket and put his water bottle by his head.
G asked, "Who loves Benny?"
"Who loves Benny?" while stroking Ben`s back.
"Who loves Benny?" No response. Rephrased. "Does Angel love Benny?"
"Angel!" And so it went through the other relatives, the pets, God, Jesus, the Spirit, the Holy Mother, and all the angels watching over Benny and keeping him safe through the night.
Instead of watching T.V. Angel wanted to play games with Grampy. They played memory, states, go fish, and crazy 8`s. They had great sharing. Two Jesus Stories followed, hugs, a kiss, a belly rub, I love yous, and see you next week. Grampy had tears of bitter sweet joy as he went home. It was a great unstuffing.

? By deadmanseeking On 9/26/2016 2:02:54 AM
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