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Return to Me

Return to Me
By rayne on 01/13/2017
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Once long ago there was a very lonely nightingale
She had tried to find love, to no avail
One night she heard the old moon singing and laughing so bright in the sky.
She found the highest branch, on the tallest tree and called to the man in the moon.
She told him she felt sorrow, for she was alone
But surely he, who could see all, could find her a love.
The man on the moon smiled and gave a chuckled, simply saying good things come to those who wait.
He invited the little bird to join him in his song to ease her loneliness.
She agreed and they sang and talked and laughed all night, till the dawn crept through the tree and the moon had to take his leave.
This went on every night for many nights. The moon grew very fond of the little bird greeting him each,night with her song? from her branch
He longed to tell her of his love, but feared she would not return his love.
The little bird sang and laughed with the moon every night, sleeping during the day only to dream of the moon.
Before long the little bird had stopped asking the moon to find her love, she met him each night with a song and a smile.
One morning as she lay her head to rest with the rising sun she realized, she loved the moon like no other. She decided that night she would tell her love that she did not need him to find her a mate for she would only ever be his.
Soon day faded and night began to rise
The little bird took her perch and waited, but the moon was not there.
The night grew darker, but still he was not there. She began,calling out to her lost love. O QUA TI  CHI, O QUA TI  CHI.. Lengthening her call each time hoping her love would return..O QUA TI  CHI,O QUA TI  CHI . Longer and longe ,she called....No response ever echoed back and soon the sun began to dance in the east.. Distruaght and defeated the little bird let sleep wash over her. She slept and dreamt of her love. Crying out to him O QUA TI  CHI, O QUA TI  CHI. She was so exhausted from her calling and searching she slept well past night fall. Soon she awoke to the gentle song of the moon calling to her..
Little Bird, O QUA TI  CHI, Return to me.
Joy took hold of the little bird and she flew as if on the wind out of her nest into the sky and there She found him, her love the moon.
She cried out as she saw his smiling face. She professed her love to the moon and begged him,never to leave her again. The moon returned her love and told her that like the night, all things must end and begin again. Explaining that every so often he would have to leave her, but that he would always return to her. She told him she would forever be his and wait each time he left for him to return. And so it was and is still. This was how a lonely nightingale became,the first whipoorwhil. You can still hear her calling for her love the moon every night just before dawn and all night on moonless nights.. She cries,O QUA TI  CHI,O QUA TI  CHI . Return to me...return to me..

? By rayne On 1/13/2017 11:53:46 PM
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