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billy and the giant

billy and the giant
By javajoe on 06/27/2017
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Long ago and in another land lived. A family. Mom and dad wnd sister and brother. They were poor and worked all the time. The father was james. He worked in a shop. Things for richer folk who had nice carriages. The mother was doris. She loved to cook and scare children who wrecked her flower garden.
Doris would see the kids run over some roses....and she would pip out from behind a tree wnd say. "The giant will get you...". The older kids laughed, but the young ones would get nervous and say. We're sorry maam". Billys sister was jessica. Or jess. Or "hey dont be silly". Depending on how Billy was feeling when she started bothering him.

Now the town....it wasnt much. Just 300 people and a grocer and a shoe maker, one saloon and of course some farmers. And cows and coon dogs. The town was "hope".
As in "we hope you stay here". Because Hope could get boring, and any new face was welcome.

One day a stranger rode into town. He was tall and mysterious and ine coyld tell..m.a little dangerous. Billy's dad talked to him. The stranger's name was "deadeye sam'. He said it was because he could shoot anything while ridibg a horse full stride. Nobody was dumb enough to call him a liar because he hadctwo big shiny pistols.

Deadeye said "now i wanna sit and eat...but im gonna tell ya what i seen last week". Doris said "deadeye... Can i call ya sam?" yes mam thats fine he said.... "Well sam...we aint born yesterday but tell us".
"Shore thing" he leaned in so billy coyld hear. "Well i was near a forest by a river yp in the mountains 3 days ride from here. The birds was singing and the fog was lifting and it went silent. And i swear the ground shook just a little.
And i got a feeling so i turned around and..."
Go on "said billy'.
Between two pine trees big as as the biggest house i thought i saw two eyes and a nose and a hole that werent a mouth. But way up high. 20 feet up.
It werent natural and scared the horse.
I heard heavy breath and something smelled bad...we didnt stay long. Lightning he bolted and soon we was outvof the woods".
Aw that aint nothin doris lqughed.
I aint never gonna believe that.
"No sis...thats the giant" billy scolded.
Deadeye sam kind of sat there drinking coffee. "Well folks i gotta go tomorrow unless i have work. This ole horse of mine, lightning, he eats a lot. An im almost broke ".
Before deadeye finished eating, billys pa said "sam ya can sleep here tinight. Our house has a barn and an extra room".
So sam and billy, ma and pa...and sis...annoying doris...all went to sleep ans dreamed of giants.

"Wake up. wake up!" jessica screamed. "Billy we,ll be late!"
"Late for what?" he mumbled.
There was no point in getting up early when one could sleep and dream.
"Pa talked to Sam. They are gonna. Ride out to the forest today! I aint gonna sit here and you aint neither! Hurry up an chqnge your clothes and brush your teeth. They are leaving in 30 minutes."
So Billy and Jessica brush3d their teeth anr brushed their hair and got in the buggy that was loaded with food qnd ropes
And a tarp, and a barrel of something....

? By javajoe On 6/27/2017 7:23:54 AM
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