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The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life

The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life
By Clandestine on 12/15/2007
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Perhaps the most embarrassing moments of my life happened today on December 14, 2007. I wasn’t expecting it to happen, but I’m sure other things have been leading up to this moment. In a way, I’m glad it has happened; but while it was happening I wish I could just run out of there and no one notice.

Here’s what happened. A few of my friends from class (and a few who were somewhat younger or older than I) were sitting at the lunch table eating, well, lunch. My friends Carmen and Rachael were at one end, and Cody and Eric were at the other; Kim, Cici, and I were on one side, and Roger, Tom, and Ricky were sitting across from us.
Well, I have gradually started to like Tom. A few weeks ago Carmen had told me that Tom liked me, and ever since she and Rachael have been trying to get us together; at the time, I didn’t feel that way towards him. But as time passed, eventually I started to like him more than a friend. And right before we went to lunch, I told Carmen to go ahead and tell Tom (or at least mention to him) that I liked him but to not let him know that I wanted her to tell him. Yeah, I’m complicated-I know.
“Well, you see, I actually told him that a couple of weeks ago,” she said.
“What?!” I gasped. This whole time could Tom have known that I liked him? “What exactly did you say?” I asked somewhat perplexed.
She said this was their conversation:
“I know someone who likes you, Tom,” Carmen said happily.
“I do too,” he replied, “the entire female race,” he said humorously.
“No, really, who?” he asked, wanting to know.
Carmen then pointed to me.
She said that he didn’t really say anything but made a certain facial expression-not necessarily a great look or a bad look, maybe even an “I see…” kind of expression. It’s terribly hard to describe his expression.

Anyways, at lunch Carman whispered to me that she was going to tell Tom now and I persisted her not to. But unexpectedly, Kim said something out of the blue.
“So, Tom, you know Clandestine’s single and she’s pretty; and you’re single too,” Kim explained to Tom in the most calmly matter.
“Wouldn’t they make such a cute couple!” my best friend Cici joined in.
“Yeah,” Kim continued, “and their kids would be so cute! Oh, their eyes would be so pretty!” (Tom and I have the same colored eyes, and I must admit his eyes are a very exceptional color.
“And they would be so talented because Tom plays the piano amazing!” Cici and Kim exclaimed.
“Ok, guys, let’s stop talking about kids,” Roger interrupted.
They seemed to keep talking about it; I thought the conversation would never come to a conclusion-I guess it still hasn’t. I’m sure my face was dusted with the color of red all over-well, actually, “painted” with red would be a better phrase to use. I tried to hide my face from Tom’s view, but my hand didn’t seem to cover it as I wished. I never looked up the entire time; I was too afraid. I knew Tom must have been embarrassed too. I was afraid Tom would assume that I asked Kim to say that to him-which wasn’t the case.
I tried kicking Kim in the leg twice to get her to stop talking, but she persisted. At that point, I was actually so embarrassed I wanted to cry. After Kim stopped the conversation for a moment, she hugged me and asked if I was mad at her. I said “no.” I was too embarrassed to be mad at anyone; maybe I was even mad at myself.

Since I couldn’t look at Tom during that time, I later asked Carmen what he was doing as Kim was telling him all that. She explained to me that he just looked at Kim and calmly listened to her; but he didn’t say a word. I had a slight impression that maybe he was trying to forget about what had just happened; for he continued a normal conversation, as he was before this embarrassing one was brought up. He didn’t look or speak to me (not that he usually does) the rest of the day. Tom is kind of quiet anyway though; and he’s so mysterious-in a good way.
I can be for certain that more awkward and embarrassing moments are to come between the two of us.

"...for with God all things are possible." ~Mark 10:27

© By Clandestine On 12/15/2007 1:22:45 AM
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